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I'm fostering a couple of Guinea pigs!

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longdiling · 16/05/2016 11:10

Just picked them up, 2 young males, exact age unknown. They are well bonded but very shy! I've been sat quietly watching their cage to see if they'll come out of their hidey, one just snuck out but bombed away at lightening speed when I moved my arm a fraction!! Apparently I'm to leave them be for a couple of days before trying to handle them. Any tips to get them settled and Happy gratefully received!

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EastMidsGPs · 16/05/2016 20:08

Oooooo lucky you Smile never had boy piggies (do have boy names just in case tho)
Am sure those with boys will be along to help

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 16/05/2016 21:22

Awwww (are you having them temprary or will you be a "Failed Fosterer" ie, keep them? )

Boars , especially when they go through their Terrible Teens, need space and if they want to, the ability to get out of each others faces. If they want to sit together - great. But equally, if they want a bit of quiet time, respect this.
One of your boys will show himself as Alpha Pig, the other one will pootle along in his wake , and Peace Reigns (that's the ideal Grin )

When our first boar pair were with us, they shared the big haybox but opposite corners. In the indoor cage (the Hated Indoor Cage) we had to divide them the first winter at night. Second winter we gave them two boxes stuffed with hay .
Any boxes or hidey spaces need 2 doors so one can't trap the other.

In the meantime, bribe them Grin
Give well spaced bowls,bottle,little heaps of food and hay.

Chances are they'll forage at night, you should see the "evidence" tomorrow that food has gone in, and pig waste comes out. Good sign !

When you catch them (Good Luck with that) if you can corall them into a box , cover the doors, you can pick them out without stressing them.

When they settle, we'll need photos ...............

longdiling · 17/05/2016 11:14

It should just be temporary but they are pretty cute! They came out of their hidey while we were in the room this morning - a big pile of hay tempted them out. Thanks for the tips, especially putting them in a box to pick them up. They move like lightening!

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