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Guinea Pig Dying

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LaFlottes · 19/04/2016 12:09

So DH and DD are at the vets right now with our 4 year old guinea pig. She's a long haired piggie and she's not well at all, just lying around and not eating or supporting herself at all. I'm not holding out much hope to be honest.

We have another 4 year old girl guinea pig - what should we do regarding a friend for her? I don't want to get a baby one as we'd end up in a cycle of always having piggies, but I certainly don't want our existing girl to be lonely.

Any ideas? Can we rescue one? Would they get along? How do you even introduce a new pig?

Thanks for any help.

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Moving15 · 19/04/2016 12:13

We introduced adult piggies no problem. We would do it on a table with vast amounts of fresh veg to distract them from each other until they exhausted themselves from eating. Then transferred them to a neutral holding box or pen. When we were happy they were co existing we would pop them back in the main hutch, usually by the next day. Never had any problems.Ring around local rescue charities and even pets at home to see if there are any needing adoption.

Sorry you are about to lose one, they are dear little things.

LaFlottes · 19/04/2016 12:33

Thank you Moving.

DH and DD are home and piggie has died.

We will call around local rescues etc to see what they say.

What are your thoughts on keeping one 4 year old girl on her own? Would that we cruel?

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waveuponwave · 19/04/2016 12:34

I'm so sorry to hear that. The heartbreaking thing about small furries is how quickly they go downhill Flowers

LaFlottes · 19/04/2016 12:35

Also - is 4 years old not quite young for a guinea pig to die? The other one seems to be absolutely fine but she's always seemed stronger somehow.

It's so sad. We're just back from a few days away and wondering if we'd been here looking after them we might have spotted something earlier. They were being fed by my parents and they did say that she seemed a bit quiet.

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Moving15 · 19/04/2016 12:51

I have had quite a few Guinea pigs and the long haired ones have always seemed more delicate than the short haired. I have lost a few around four years. The most long lived I have had was 8 years and she was really tough and bold but short haired.

I wouldn't keep a piggie alone. They are so sociable and snuggle up together.

I doubt there is anything you could have done for her. The treatable conditions like skin problems, nails and teeth are all things you would have noticed weeks ago.

RIP little piggie

LaFlottes · 19/04/2016 13:16

Thanks Moving - that's interesting that you say that about long haired piggies. We always just felt she was more needy and delicate that our other piggie (who is now inside with us and getting loads of cuddles).

I have e-mailed a dew rescue places so we will see if they can help us at all.

So sad, Scruffy was always the one that loved a cuddle and would sit on your knee for ages. We will miss her.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/04/2016 17:48

Very Sad to hear you've said goodbye to piggie.
There does seem to be huge variation in pig lives. Our big Rex boar was only 18 months old when he died, but I've had pigs that lived to 6-7 (the longest lasting was a home grown Abbysynian), though my favourite is a good solid lardy smooth.

Rescues will often have lone females and yes, 4 is quite young to be alone.
Lots of cuddles for remaining pig.
And hope the Rescue can come up trumps.

FernieB · 19/04/2016 18:14

Sorry to hear about your piggie. I lost a 4 year old boy last year and his 4 year old friend was bereft. I did rescue a baby pig to live with him (from a rescue who helped with the bonding) and 14 months later, they're still inseparable and my Scruffypig is now 5. Like you I did wonder about the never ending pig cycle, but as my Scruffy was an unneutered boar, a baby boar was our best option. The baby (Gingerpig) has now been neutered.

You could try an older girl with your remaining pig or a neutered boar. Rescues often neuter boars for pairing with females.

Woodhill · 19/04/2016 19:58

Sorry about piggie. So upsetting.

We keep our long haired girly pig on her own and she seems fine but worried when ds goes to university.

987flowers · 19/04/2016 21:37

So sorry about your pig, hope you can find a rescue one suitable.

Puppymouse · 19/04/2016 23:00

My pig was on his own when we bought him. We bought him a friend and they seemed to get on well but there were some scuffles. Then sadly the friend just died completely randomly at about 18mo old. Very traumatic, he had a fit in my arms and was foaming at the mouth a bit Sad

Anyway other piggy was so much happier alone and lived to just over 7. But I realise this is probably an ex sooo to the rule.

LaFlottes · 20/04/2016 10:58

Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts on our situation.

I'm so sad about Scruffy, she was lovely and cuddly and we miss her.

Remaining piggie seemed ok at first this morning, but then I noticed she had buried herself under loads of hay and she didn't seem to want to come out. She doesn't normally hide like this.

So I've fixed up the indoor hutch again and she's in with me and running around and eating and seems happier.

I have spoken to a rescue today, it's an hour away but they have one female or one neutered male of about the same age, so they are going to take her for a week and match her up with a friend and then hopefully we will bring them both home.

Fingers crossed x

OP posts:
FernieB · 20/04/2016 20:21

That's great news. Hope she has a lovely holiday and comes back with a new best friend.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/04/2016 21:49

You could always get the neutered boar and the female and have a herd................................... Wink

My boar thoroughly recommends being henpecked by our sows.
They love him, he wheeks loud for food.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/04/2016 21:55

When we've lost a pig and replaced them, I've found it took me a few days to 'bond' with the newbie because it seems disloyal to your pig that's died.
But the single most important thing to think of is the happiness of your piggie and the new piggie.
Guineas grieve but once they get a new friend, they pick themselves up.
And there are so many piggies out there, waiting.

After a very short period of time, they move into your heart and you can't imagine life without them. Smile

LaFlottes · 21/04/2016 11:46

Thank you - I would be so happy if she made a new friend, although I do feel rather disloyal to Scruffy, as it's like we're just replacing her....I still can't believe we don't have her any more to be honest. Poor little thing.

DD said she didn't want to get another one, but then last night said that she knows she has to put the remaining piggie's needs first and that it would be nice to give a home to one that is in need. So she understands, which is good. I'm sure she will love the new addition once he or she arrives.

Who knows, maybe we will end up with all three!!

Remaining piggie seems a bit happier today and has eaten more this morning so that's a good sign. She must wonder where on earth her friend is.

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