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Survived Bathtime!

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FernieB · 02/02/2016 20:29

The Fernie boys have had long overdue baths today. Scruffy did his usual Houdini act escaping the bath and leaping onto me bringing as much water with him as possible, but then sat beautifully for DD whilst she gave him a parsley blow dry. Ginger was happy to paddle for a few minutes but objected strongly to the noise of the hairdryer and no amount of parsley could compensate for that apparently. He's since had a large piece of cucumber and some celery leaves but is still sulking. Whilst he was being well behaved in his bath, Scruffy took advantage of the human slave being occupied and wandered off round the kitchen and into Current Buns basket for a snooze and then climbed into Current Buns cage, helped himself to some hay and a bunny nugget, then tried to turf Current Bun out of his litter tray. Poor Current Bun was bemused but in his usual tolerant way he was happy to share.

I'm still recovering!

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FernieB · 03/02/2016 20:15

Following on from the bath ordeal, the pigs were weighed todayShock. Gingerpig has finally overtaken Scruffy in girth. Scruffy is still his much adored Uncle though and is always obeyed.

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fortifiedwithtea · 04/02/2016 18:09

Quite an eventful day there Fernie Grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 04/02/2016 21:52

Gawd, I've been threatening the 70 hogs with a bath (we've Bum Dipped the sows, they are grubby urchins ) but GP6 has so far , body swerved the dreaded B-A-T-H

Funny how some pigs are Meh at the hairdryer some go ballistic.

EastMidsGPs · 19/02/2016 14:09

Well ... we've had our bath this morning and we are not happy although we are silky smooth and oozing gorgeousness. Sadie didn't like the hairdryer and drrrrr drrrr drrrr 'd all the while she was being dried and I have decided just to be mega grumpy to show who is boss around here. I mean what is wrong with wiffy GP as an aroma?
Bet if we had an Issac come to live with us (will a girl can dream 😊) he'd appreciate our distinctive smell 🐹
So ... time to sit and glare and see what treats the Human comes up with.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/02/2016 16:03

East you know you should really really really get yourself a neutered boar for M&S.

When GP4 and GP5 decided they'd done with widowhood and we got GP6 , there were loads of boars being neutered. (Some of the boars aren't matchable so they neuter en masse and put them up to be adopted by some females).
They aren't averse to a name change either , provided they are fed and cuddled. Ous lives with the name "Bert" so Issac is an huge step up (thinking of Jason Isaacs now ...........mmm ) Smile
GP6 is our 4th boar ( GP1 and GP2 weren't neutered but we had GP3 neutered to bond with the girls).

EastMidsGPs · 19/02/2016 16:36

I am working on OH .. t'is going to be a slow drip drip until he agrees .. might ask him what he thinks of the name Stan ☺

FernieB · 19/02/2016 18:17

70 - I love the idea that GP6 'lives with' the name Bert as though it's under sufferance. In his head he's a 'Thor' or 'Zeus'Grin. Actually Current Bun was Zeus until we adopted him and changed it. Perhaps if we'd left it, he wouldn't be so dopey.

Love the name Stan, East. It's almost cruel not to get another pig now you've picked a name.

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