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guinea pig mites

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beanhead24 · 26/01/2016 22:43

Have tried spot on from pet shop (contains ivermectin), seemed to work or at least suppress it but now mites are back & seem worse than before.

I went to the vets yesterday & he gave me an anti fungal spray which now I have googled, I have found that it isn't even for mites, so frustrated as it cost me £30!

So what I would like to know is: what dose ivermectin can the vet prescribe v's dose you can buy yourself. Just wondering if it's cheaper to get it myself rather than from vet. I want ivermectin drops but a stronger dose than you can buy in pet shop.

The cynical part of me thinks the vet knew this fungal spray wouldn't do anything & that I would therefore have to go back & spend more!!!

Help!! The piggies look & seem so unhappy and uncomfortable.

OP posts:
EastMidsGPs · 27/01/2016 09:42

Hi. Cannot offer much advice re vet and fungal treatment. More experienced owners will be along later i guess.
Just wanted to say i've found in the past when a couple of my piggies had mites .. one time it was just mites .. treated and fine .. the other time in an elderly sow .. she had them 3 times in her final 18 months. Each time time treatment worked but as her companion was never troubled .. we sort of decided her immune system was a bit compromised. Mites didnt kill her but thing they were part of her elderly decline iyswim
Good luck with the treatments .. it must be awful to constantly itch (your piggies not you obvs!)

fortifiedwithtea · 28/01/2016 11:53

Itchy sore skin, my Millie offers your piggy a paw to hold. She is going through it as well (see my thread on the Fortified Pigs). Vet has given her Xeno 450 which is 3 times the strength of Spot-On.

The vet may well be right and it is fungal. I think Millie's problem could be fungal as Xeno 450 is not working for her. She has health issues, her hutch friend is in perfect health and no skin problems.

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