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Guinea pig impaction help needed

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Glassofwineneeded · 19/01/2016 12:13

Hi, saw that my piggie was having trouble walking and on closer inspection realised it was his bum that looked enlarged. My piggies are 5 and my first thought was a tumor but Dr Google seemed to think it was impaction! I've since cleared it I think but what should I do now?
He's eating and drinking as normal, seems to be having a bit of trouble with his back legs so not moving about as much as usual but that could be he feels a bit uncomfy after being mauled about by me!
have any of you experienced this?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/01/2016 21:04

Poor boy. It is one of the downsides to boars unfortunately.

My DD and I had brothers, one was 4 when he died , no trouble, magnificent losenge shaped glossy dropping (I sound a bit Dr McKeith Blush )

Our other boar had a dodgy bottom, not sure if it was impaction, he managed to get his droppings out on his own without too much trouble.
They were without a word of a lie, the size of a Fererro Rocher Shock . I took one to show the vet (he was impressed I'm sure, never seen one like it)

A couple of times we had to help him, you need gloves, some wipes or similar and sort of ease it (not squeezing too much) You can put some edible oil like almond or vegetable in the anus to help it (but that gets a bit messy)

It stinks BTW. Once it smelled worse than dog pooh (hoe a vegetarian guinea can make this smell I don't know)

In between his mega poohs he did normal smallish losegne poohs. (He was the loveliest piggie from the bum forwards)

Our GP3 now deceased and present boar GP6 are neutered so we should bypass this.

Keep them as active as possible and keep their weight controlled. Lots of fibre and water on tap.

Hopefully having his backside sorted will clear the backlog and he'll get back to normal but keep a close check, especially in Summer, you don't want flies round his poor bum .

Glassofwineneeded · 19/01/2016 21:50

Hi, thank you so much for your reply. Unfortunately our piggie didn't make it and was pts at the vets this afternoon.
Very sad. I think there were other issues and he went downhill very rapidly.
I'm now worried about his brother who I am sure will pine for him.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/01/2016 22:13

Oh Sad it does sound like he had other things going on, maybe a muscle weakness generally in his back? Making it difficult to engage his muscle tone?

Your remaining boar , is he indoors?
Lots of hugs for him. Sad

FernieB · 20/01/2016 12:49

Sorry to hear this. They do go downhill fast. Hope his friend is coping okay. Give him lots of attention and treats.

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