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Indoor piggy cage

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987flowers · 15/01/2016 22:52

I've been looking at indoor hutches for our pigs, these are 120cm long but I'm not sure if they are ok or not!

Any advice would be greatly received Smile

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 17/01/2016 01:07

D'you mean the multi level cages or the single level ( I looked at 120cm cages on the Zooplus site)

I have an indoor 4'x2' ( I'm old, I use imperial Blush ) which is the same length , I would ideally like a larger cage but they just sleep there in winter.

I saw some really big (and ££) cages in Jolleys , aimed at rabbits.

The depth of the plastic base to stop them kicking out their bedding (I'm using wooden pellets to give a soft base then on their sleeping side newspaper and shredded paper or a piece of fleece. This all gets thrown out daily)

There's not alot of room with two food bowls TBH.

Mine wouldn't use a ramp so I wouldn't buy a 2 level (and I'm not sure how secure the 3 level ones are) the ramps are steep too.

Can you post a photo of the one you are considering?

Plastic base is easy to clean though. Spray/wipe. But it's hard plastic and my lardy hogs appreciate the softer wood pellets.

Ours live in the small bedroom, we put a couple of fleece blankets over the top to insulate them (and convince them to go to sleep ) Grin

Curlybrunette · 18/01/2016 22:24

I got a similar cage to the one you put a link to when we first got our pigs and tbh it just wasn't big enough (our's do live indoors permanently and only go out on nice days). Within a couple of weeks of getting them Betty was cage biting (the wires) constantly. I changed to a C&C, 4 x 2 and it stopped immediately to I think it was just too small.

987flowers · 19/01/2016 06:18

Sorry for my delay in getting back. It was the one level plastic one with a wire top I was looking at. They are outdoor piggies but I wanted something that on really cold nights I could bring them in to an outdoor room which would keep them more sheltered.

They have no problems with a ramp as they use one now so may be that would be a better way to go.

Thanks for the advice

OP posts:
millimat · 23/01/2016 21:06

We have the ferplast 120 one which is currently in the sale and its big enough for cold nights.
I'd like a c&c one but would struggle with space for it.

millimat · 23/01/2016 21:07

(The casita one), couldn't imagine rabbits in it though.

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