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My Neutered Male

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MissSMartin · 09/10/2015 14:46

Hello Guys!
Well i had one of my Male rabbit's neutered on the 27th July (10.5 weeks ago) .. The the other two done 2weeks then 4 weeks behind.

With him being neutered so long ago do you think he is okay to now mix with my two females? my two vets both advised me different times to wait as he can obviously still be fertile for a while... He gets along fine with the girls but i let them in the garden together and all he wanted to do was hump so i was chasing him around trying to separate them every-time he mounted one ( At one point my female even mounted him :/ ?? Weird)
the girls don't seem to bother though im just worried as i don't want no more un-planned babies!

OP posts:
FernieB · 09/10/2015 19:51

Humping is normal bunny dominance behaviour. They're establishing who's Chief Bunny. It's such a long time, he should be absolutely fine.

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