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Piggie lovers just look at this...

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RandomMess · 15/03/2015 13:44

Happy Mothers Day Smile

Piggie lovers just look at this...
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 15/03/2015 17:12

Ahhhh Grin

I was coveting some painted stones on eBay (rounded pear shaped painted as guinea-pigs)

We have a large round cat stone from our cat-owning days (it is used as a door stop)

Guinea-pig egg-cup is more useful than the real thing Wink

RandomMess · 15/03/2015 17:20

Grin they do matching salt & pepper pots too...

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 15/03/2015 17:20

I have now Googled guinea-pig egg cups and I'm coveting guinea-pig salt'n'pepper shakers.

Ponders sending in photo of DSows to have commissioned cruet set made....

RandomMess · 15/03/2015 18:09

I've now googled and found a pair that look my first ever very much beloved piggy Sad...

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fortifiedwithtea · 17/03/2015 23:20

Arrgh Shock RandomMess if I have a nightmare tonight, I'm blaming you Wink That is terrifying, reminds me of horse head scene in Godfather.

Plus its a Dutch like my beloved Old Boy

The salt and pepper set are cute. But seeing as we've got an unopened cruet set from our wedding nearly 20 years ago, I don't think it would get used Grin

RandomMess · 18/03/2015 20:18

Yeah but it would look amazing...

Or get a pair/huddle of egg cup holders?

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