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How much veg for Guinea Pigs

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ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 10:21

We have just got two GP which are very lovely. I was wondering how much veg you give them every day. We are trying them out on different things to see what they like - apple, lettuce, fine beans, runner beans and green pepper seem popular. Carrot and tomato less so. Any suggestions for different veg would be appreciated.

They get ridiculously excited by veg, I wish my DC were the same.

OP posts:
dietcokeandwine · 02/01/2015 14:16

Yy to wishing that DC had the same excited interest in veg! Grin

I give ours fresh veg (and the occasional bit of fruit) twice a day, both morning and evening. They get a bowl of dry pellet food plus a fresh heap of hay in the evenings.

I think the rough guideline is a handful of veg per pig per day but I suspect mine get a bit more than that! They like a variety of stuff - I try to give small amounts of three or four different types of veg each meal, rather than a large portion of one type.

So this morning ours had (we have two boar/ sow pairings so this is a portion split between two pigs)

  • two small pieces of cauliflower (they like the florets, stalks and leaves)
  • two slices of cucumber
  • half a carrot sliced up
  • two leaves of romaine lettuce
  • two strips of yellow pepper chopped into pieces.

Tonight they'll get a similar amount but some different stuff if possible. Ours also love round lettuce, broccoli (florets or stalks), green and red peppers, celery (including leaves) and small amounts of cabbage or sprout peelings. Spring greens sometimes. Parsley for a treat, or dandelion leaves.

I have tried parsnip and swede which are both fine to give but ours don't like them...likewise they can have fruit in moderation and I've tried grapes, melon and raspberries but ours aren't fussed on any of these. They like the odd bit of green apple and the tops of strawberries but that's about it.

Hope that helps-it's worth experimenting with different types and it's particularly useful if they become partial to stuff you would otherwise put in the food bin! As long as you avoid potato, anything from the onion family (onion, leek or garlic) or iceberg lettuce then most veggie things are fine to give.

Enjoy your pigs, they are fab little creatures Smile
ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 14:23

Thanks that is really helpful. The first couple of days I don't think we gave them enough veg. They had plenty of pellets and hay. We have started in increase the amount and I will raid the fridge for them tonight now you have given me some more ideas.

There will be lots of excited squeaking when they see the new choices.

OP posts:
bambinibop · 02/01/2015 14:31

We just give them veg when they squeak at us and I give them the peelings from dinner every day so they probably get a handful a day each.

Be careful with tomatoes I think the green top of a tomato is bad for them but I may be wrong. Also too much lettuce or cucumber can upset their tummies.

We give carrot peelings, apple cores, parsnip peelings, cauliflower leaves and stalk, broccoli stalk, the occasional grape, cabbage or kale, end of cucumber, sugar snap peas, end of the runner beans etc

So mostly they just eat the bits we don't want!

Also they love dandelion if you have it in your garden I've never met a guinea pig that doesn't love it

bambinibop · 02/01/2015 14:34

Oh yes they love peppers forgot about that and Celery! Guinea pigs are lovely but so noisy when they hear or smell food coming towards them. Ours are indoors and they have been known to squeak so loudly that they wake up my baby from her nap!

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 14:38

Thanks for the ideas. I was surprised just how noisy they got when we gave them the first bit of apple. I am sure we will have some dandelions in our garden despite my best efforts!

OP posts:
fortifiedwithtea · 02/01/2015 14:39

Spinach but not too often because of high Calcium content.
Sweet corn good for fattening up an underweight piggy, ditto beetroot
Sprouts, yes they make guineas fart too Grin
Cauliflower leaves only
Strawberries and the green tops
Clementine, ration to one segment per guinea, you want to avoid sore mouth/ runny tummy
banana and peel
pea pods
green grapes

You can also try parsnip and pumpkin but the fortified pigs don't like them Wink

Foods to avoid as poisonous
beetroot leaves

Also don't give them fruit with stones e.g. peaches, cherries but I don't know the reason why Confused

I probably overfeed my guineas. They wheek for food every time they hear me I'm a push over and the two most dominate are quite fat.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 14:53

Maybe we'll give sprouts a miss for now Wink

I expect the DC would be greatly amused by a farting GP!

OP posts:
cococandyfloss · 02/01/2015 15:05

mine go mad at Parsley. They like a good chomp on Kale too.
Peppers , cucumber but not so fussed about Carrot and Apple and tomato but will eat it.
They like Banana I cut a slice with the peel on but they are only supposed to get this as a treat now and again.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 15:12

I will plant some parsley in the spring as I was planning to grow herbs.

This is all really helpful.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/01/2015 16:46

Go easy on fruit - very high on sugar.
My boar has a bit of a gippy tummy at the moment , he's eating and poohing and still very lively (jumps out of the travelbox) but his pooh is soft.
We're subjecting them to adverse cruelty a veg for breakfast (+hay/pellets/water) and for supper (indoors cage) deep fresh hay daily (nice hay + Timothy hay) pellets +water to see if this settles him,

The girls are okay. I can only assume the extra veg over the festive period has triggered something.I gave him some probiotic to see if that helps but if he hasn;t improved he'll be making a visit to the guinea-vet

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/01/2015 16:51

Chaz our boar was sitting nicely on my lap on Wednesday and passed the most evil gas Envy

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 02/01/2015 17:02

I think DS2 and the Guinea Pigs are going to get on just fine given DS2's ability to produce evil smells.

I must admit I hadn't planned for the GP being able to launch poison gas attacks although one has wee'd on me (I used to keep rats so this wasn't such a shock)

OP posts:
dietcokeandwine · 02/01/2015 18:23

I have one guinea who is prone to soft poo from time to time - he and his wifey are put on lower veg and increased hay rations when that happens and it seems to clear after a day or so. I think he just has a more sensitive tummy (has been vet checked and is fine). His wife is always very grumpy when it's a 'reduced veg' night though Grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 02/01/2015 21:56

Thanks dietcoke - our GP1 used to get very judgey when we did the 'dry supper' for the benefit of GP2.

The sows are a bit Hmm they outnumber GP3 2:1 so they reckon the majority should rule.

He's still his lively bolshy self but I weighed him and he's lost 3oz (though he started at 3lb so he can afford to really)

I've read about yeast imbalance (and the sugar in apple might ferment a bit) but it's difficult to tell who did the droppings in the cage when there's 3 of them. Not mucous-ey.
I saw GP4 passing droppings last night (normal) and there were 3 Pooh Nests in the Pighouse, but he has the odd soft pooh in his bum which DD and I clean. Hope it's not impaction (he's neutered so less risk) maybe a bit of weight loss will help him?

We'll keep a close eye on him and coddle him a bit, see how the probiotics do.

fortifiedwithtea · 03/01/2015 02:26

70 I'm keeping my finger crossed that GP3 just has Christmas stomach.

I cleaned the hutch yesterday. All three ran into the clean bedroom in terror whilst I prepared their living room to their satisfaction. I opened the bedroom door to coax them back out and the fumes were toxic Shock, I'm blaming Millie Hmm although Coco let slip a sprout/clementine combo on my lap the other day that lingered < Envy vom face>

FernieB · 03/01/2015 10:43

Am I the only one without gassy pigs? My boys have yet (touch wood) to have produced such aromas. They don't like sprouts and have very little fruit apart from an occasional grape, so maybe that's it. They exist on hay, celery, kale, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes and various herbs plus their nuggets.

dietcokeandwine · 03/01/2015 14:31

Mine aren't particularly gassy, Fernie. Just our tricolour pig prone to soft poo episodes, but he doesn't particularly smell.

Fingers crossed your boar is fine, 70. Our tricolour boy (who is also prone to a bit of impaction despite the fact that he is neutered Confused - his ginger pig brother is also neutered and has no problems poo wise at all) definitely reacts when I've overdone the green stuff slightly. He is also prone to producing little clumped together piles of soft poo in the summer when they're out on the grass...this has happened on and off for the past couple of years tbh. He remains his usual self throughout. If if gets particularly bad, I cut down their grass time (as you can imagine that goes down like a lead balloon with his wifey as well!) and increase dry mix and hay for a day or so which again seems to fix it.

tiggydiggydee · 03/01/2015 17:43

My GP boars don't seem windy...yet.....mind you the dog makes up for that in our house Grin
They make such a loud wheeking sound every single time I open the fridge! I had no idea they could be so loud! I have to stop myself feeding them every time I open it otherwise they would be massive! Mine love peppers and pretty much all veg apart from tomatoes, they wont touch them at all.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 03/01/2015 18:59

Chaz- congratulations on your new pigglies, we will be expecting Pigtures Grin

Ours love the carrots with leaves (I think that standard carrots are grown for size and uniformity whereas the organic-with-leaves ones are a bit fugly but much nicer and taste of proper carrot)
Peashoots (I grew these last year but again they can make them a bit gassy)
Celery leaves are a favourite (if you give stalks, chop them, they have stringy fibres)
Sweetcorn cobs in leaves (and they eat the silky fibre bits,)

And if you can , set aside a bit of garden to grow some weeds, dandelions are a favourite here .And you'll get some nice long grass to cut when they can't go out.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 03/01/2015 19:55

Here you go. DS1 is the makeshift pen!

How much veg for Guinea Pigs
OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 03/01/2015 21:02

Grin they are gorg-e-ous

Lovely coats , one soft and flowy and the coarser coat of the Abby (I have a soft spot for Abbys, our GP2 was a type of Abby, little short muzzle and a very long space from his nostril to his lip )

Your black/white boy has stunning markings Smile

dietcokeandwine · 03/01/2015 21:17

Beautiful pigs OP! Smile

ChazsBrilliantAttitude · 03/01/2015 21:39

Thanks. We got them for the DC but I think I play with them just as much. The black and white one is more jumpy but he is calming down as we handle him more. The long haired one is more chilled and will sit and be groomed.

OP posts:
fortifiedwithtea · 04/01/2015 01:59

Very pretty piggies OP Smile

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