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gerbil newbie- lots of questions!

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mrsbabookaloo · 21/09/2014 20:29

Got 3 male gerbils today. Did lots of research before, but still lots of questions. First, the mess!! They are in a tank with glass/ plastic at bottom and cage on top. They are digging, as they're supposed to, but kicking so much sawdust out of the cage. It's all over the floor. Any tips for this, or do I just have to live with it?
Second, they are scrabbling furiously at the glass; I'm worried they're distressed. Will this calm down when they're settled? Third, the food is in a metal bowl at the top of the cage and they haven't ventured up there yet. We've dropped a few bits in near them, but I don't know if they're going to find the food. I assume it's supposed to be up top to keep it separate. ..should I move it to where they can see it?
Thanks for any advice; I really want them to be happy and Ok.

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mrsbabookaloo · 21/09/2014 20:51

Any gerbil experts around?

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mrsbabookaloo · 21/09/2014 21:32


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MagicSwirlinShip · 27/09/2014 22:29

I'm not really an expert but have had gerbils for around four years. The mess, it's what they do. Our girl goes mad when she gets new sawdust, then she settles down and only does a bit of minor rearranging.

Ours scrabbles in the bottom of the plastic tank, I don't think it means they are distressed, ours certainly isn't, spoilt.

I would leave the foodbowl at the top, I'm sure your boys will come for some food, possibly at night when it is a bit quieter. They soon get used to their new surroundings and will love to come to you for a fuss, helped along by a few gerbil treats.

They are such cute little furries, we are on our second one now, they soon become part of the family.

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