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Bloody fox......

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soaccidentprone · 27/08/2014 10:49

All 3 of my piggies are dead.

The fox killed one of them and 2 have gone. The hutch and run have been wrecked.

My rabbit died last week, and now this.

I'm gutted.

I only have one rabbit left. I'n going to get a big box and bring her into the house at night.

I fucking hate foxes.

OP posts:
Excitedforxmas · 27/08/2014 10:53

How sad - we have had to do the same thing. Our bunny comes inside at night now

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/08/2014 12:22

Oh my God , bloody Hell soaccident that is the worst nightmare,
I am so scared of foxes and my piggies, you cannot underestimate just how far these horrible vermin (that is what they are. Urban foxes are not cute or wild, they are parasites- and vicious ones at that) Angry

But you say 2 have gone? Are they loose? Do you have anywhere that they might be hiding?
Go out and poke about under shrubs, furniture, anywhere that they could be hiding. Take a rustley bag , they might respond to noise.

My NDN laugh at me when I charge down the garden with ammunition (pears, sticks, anything) and roar "Get Out You Mangey Git" at foxes. I slam a stout stick against the wooden fence to make a noise.
I am probably lowering the tone of the neighbourhood but even as a lentil-weaver, I hate these animals.

Hope you do find your 2 pigs, to have them missing and not knowing is heart breaking.

Off to The Bridge poor piggies. Keep the Rabbity one close


fortifiedwithtea · 27/08/2014 14:57

Very sorry to hear your loss Sad. I wouldn't hold out any hope of finding your other two sadly.

A similar thing happened to another Mner last year losing 2 beloved piggies. I'm sure if she reads this she'll be along to add her support.

RIP Piggies

RabbitsarenotHares · 27/08/2014 15:02

I'm so sorry to hear this. I've lost two guineas and a rabbit this year (rabbit was killed by something that got into it's completely sealed run at night - there must have been a wee hole or something).

My remaining guinea is currently in the house - he barely makes it out his hutch anyway (he had an ear infection which has left him with problems, and I think he prefers the safety of home) so he might as well be in a large cage inside. Plus I'm worried he'll be lonely outside.

Give your bunny huge hugs from me. I miss having a bunny around. x

dietcokeandwine · 27/08/2014 20:46

Oh OP that's so awful. So sorry to hear about the loss of your pigs.

Bloody urban foxes are an absolute menace.

Thinking of you and your surviving bun.

soaccidentprone · 27/08/2014 21:16

Just moved the remaining hutch and bunny into the garage (no room for the car in there, too much clutter).

Thank you for your sympathy everyone.

I am really unhappy atm, but your well wishes are heartening.

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