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Dunwhingin · 21/07/2014 20:04

This is causing a lot of family tension at present.
my parents have two jack russels, one is the old fashioned short legged barrel type who is getting on a bit, she has always been a dear little gentle dog, very gentle and much loved
the second is a whippet cross JR, 2 years old and is showing all the bad traits of both breeds sadly. She has been extremely difficult to train (they have had dogs all of their lives, many different breeds but always had a JR)
the younger has now taken against the older dog and today tried to kill her; she nipped past my father and had her by the neck and mauled her enough to leave tears requiring several stitches. my father has also been bitten trying to separate them and has been for a tetanus shot and a check by the GP.
Both dogs have recently been for their annual check ups, both are healthy so we don't think this is about a sicker dog being usurped in their 'pack'. We also don't think the younger is physically ill, she is well exercised as DF has retired and she gets two good ( a few miles worth) walks a day as well as plenty of games with balls and toys in and outdoors.
The younger dog has suddenly turned against the older, what used to be play growling now has more menace, she killed one of their cats two weeks ago, attacked a delivery man and is showing aggression more and more.
Is a muzzle the answer? Will further professional training help stop this? I have always believed that a dog is the product of its owner's behaviour; training, structure, love, comfort, games, exercise etc all go to be part of the lovely relationship that we should have with our wonderful canine friends.
She gets shut in a utility room when my 4 year old visits now as they are now unwilling to trust her (thank god, I don't at all) which I know is unfair on the dog and must be further adding to the issues as she is left out.
What should we do now? Any advice will be gratefully received, she can be such a sweet, funny elastic hound and I cannot believe that this is happening, my mother is so upset.

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