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Guinea pigs and thunder

5 replies

helensburgh · 19/05/2014 21:44

We have had rumbles of thunder here for a few hours.

My two guinea pigs are really unsettled and fighting with each other, really unusual.

I knew dogs react to storms, is it a known thing with piggies?

OP posts:
FernieB · 19/05/2014 22:27

Mine tend to sleep through it but then they are very lazy boys and sleep through most things. I should think that like dogs and cats, GPs are just as likely to be nervy about thunder. Hope it blows over soon.

guineapiglet · 19/05/2014 22:32

I could always tell when there was an imminent downpour by watching my four girl guineas in their run....they were little barometers!.... very good indicators of when to get washing off the line Grin... literally before a storm or heavy rain! they would go utterly berserk! running madly round and squeaking??? then when put inside safely in their hutch would revert to normal sloth like ways....

guineapiglet · 19/05/2014 22:33

ps hi fernie hope you and the gang are ok..

FernieB · 20/05/2014 07:13

My boys have been Out in their run during rain showers (briefly) and Smooth shelters in an igloo but Scruffy doesn't appear to notice.

(Hi Guineapiglet - all are fine here, hope your nephews and niece are all okay)

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/05/2014 21:28

Mine would watch the rain ruin my washing day, their little jaws going gnash gnash on grass but they never offer to alert me let alone bring washing in for me.

We haven't had a good storm since we got GP3 but I think they;d just hide away in their Pighouse till it's over. Grin Too lazy to work up any kind of excitement,

Waves to guineapiglet

My boars are troughing down sweetcorn with leaves, rocket salad and leafed organic carrot courtesy of Waitrose .

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