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Small pets


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bzoo · 26/01/2014 11:28

So what shall I get?

Gerbils hamster or mice?

Had all as a child although I cannot remember which was my favourite!

Pros and cons for this forgetful soul please?? Grin

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lljkk · 26/01/2014 11:33

tsk, you're being a little lazy, lots of previous threads. But I vote mice, fwiw.

bzoo · 26/01/2014 11:37

Sorry I haveno idea how to search on this mobile app

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Methe · 26/01/2014 11:46



NiSaBula · 26/01/2014 11:48

We have a gerbil and she is really cute and funny. Also very easy to look after, we clean the cage about every few weeks (used to do it every week but I don't think this is necessary). They are quite wriggly and move really quickly so won't just sit in your hand, any handling has to be done sitting on the floor, not too far to fall if they jump. We only have one but I don't think she is lonely, she gets, loads of attention and treats.

I don't know anything about mice, hamsters seem a bit more docile and easier to handle. But, I think gerbils are cuter.

bzoo · 26/01/2014 13:44

Awwww have found myself three girls (gerbils) xto pick up shortly SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

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bzoo · 26/01/2014 15:11

Just got blossom buttercup and bubbles home Smilethey are adorable!

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fortifiedwithtea · 26/01/2014 16:38

Congratulations Smile I was in a class in juniors that had gerbils. Fond memories, they were a lot of fun.

NiSaBula · 26/01/2014 21:20

Ooh lovely. You will have lots of fun watching your new pets. Great names too. You will never be able to pass a pet shop, without going in to buy a treat.

bzoo · 26/01/2014 21:31

We already have two dogs two cats 2 two rabbits the three gerbils a terrapin and loads of tropical fish. I am never out the pet shop ShockGrinGrinGrin

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