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Can I put a baby rabbit in with my female lop?

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Gladys71 · 14/01/2014 10:44

She's lonely and still quite young, can I safely introduce a baby rabbit to her?

OP posts:
FernieB · 14/01/2014 10:57

Introducing a new animal can be tricky. Is your female bun neutered? It's essential for health and also lessens the hormonal territorial and aggressive behaviour which can hinder the bonding of 2 animals.

If you get a baby bun and stick it in with your there's a big risk that your bun may see the newcomer as invading her domain and you could have trouble and end up with 2 rabbits that can't live together. Why don't you speak to a local rescue as they will probably have lots of buns that need new homes and will be happy to do the bonding for you. You can take your bun to choose her friend and get one of a similar size/age.

BullyMom111071 · 16/01/2014 22:20

Hi, I have two rescue buns and have had to introduce a couple of times to new buns. I wouldn't put a baby rabbit with a grown rabbit as the bigger one would probably bully. You could get a young rabbit, allow it to grow to same size but in separate hutches and then put together, but as FernieB said a rescue rabbit of similar age would be better. I would go for a neutered male (they should all be neutered from rescue anyway) and introduce them in a small neuteral space together. You will be looking at about £40 for rescue bun, but that includes your triple vaccine and neutering so is good really. What they advised me to do was to put them together into a small pet carrier so they can't move about for about an hour. Then move them into a slightly bigger space and supervise for next two days. It would really help if you could put into a new hutch which would be neuteral. Two rabbits would need a 6ft x 2ft hutch as well. Happy Hutch are the most reasonable supplier of hutch this size which is the recommended size. I hope you find a bun for your bun to love, they do need a buddy. Good Luck. x

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