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Bunny with poor appetite

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Reincarnatedpig · 09/01/2014 13:01

Bunny went to the vet this morning because while he is still eating a bit and looks ok, he is eating and pooing less than normal. Vet couldn't see anything wrong with his front teeth and no sign of swelling re back ones. No sign of a hairball in his tummy either. He thought it might be a respiratory infection but he thought not to risk antibiotics and upset tummy at this stage. Told us to just keep an eye on him for now. He is small lion head bunny aged about 5.

Any ideas or advice welcome!

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FernieB · 09/01/2014 17:45

Poor Bunny! At 5 he is a 'more mature' bunny and it may be that his appetite has lessened. My boy does have periods of eating less from time to time. Keep an eye on him and his litter tray and keep offering his favourite foods. Hope he perks up soon.

Reincarnatedpig · 09/01/2014 19:05

Thanks! We're bringing him back to the vet on Monday if no improvement. He seems fine apart from that but I know they conceal it.

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