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One of my guineas died this morning

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Evenstar · 30/12/2013 12:18

I found my lovely Abbyssinian looking unwell and lethargic yesterday evening when I went to shut the piggies up for the night She had been fine in the morning and ate her salad eagerly as usual.

I think she had a stroke as it was so sudden and her head was tilted to the side. Having looked it up in my book it seemed that the best thing to do was to keep her warm and quiet and see how things went.

I brought her in and made her comfortable and she seemed to be rallying, but first thing this morning she was worse and not able to walk. By the time I had got dressed ready to take her to the vets she had gone Sad. She was my favourite piggie and was only around 18 months old.

OP posts:
alemci · 30/12/2013 12:23

sorry about your lovely GP. It is so sad and they go downhill quickly. How old was she? You did all you could for her Sad. Are the other pigs ok?

Audilover · 30/12/2013 12:24

Oh no! Sorry to hear about your little piggie. Sad

Evenstar · 30/12/2013 13:09

The 2 she shared with seem a bit quiet, I put her back in the cage for a while for them to see her and smell her as I thought that might help. They seem well and have eaten some breakfast.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 30/12/2013 15:10

Oooh Sad for Piggie.
They do go very quickly and when they get to the 'floppy rubbery' stage where they cannot support themselves, they only have a matter of hours.

YY to putting her back with the other guineas then they know she's gone.
They'll be a bit quiet but it's a good sign that they're eating.

Seems like she had a quiet and cosy end though, that's a comfort all round.

Bye Piggie.

fortifiedwithtea · 30/12/2013 15:36

Sad news Sad

A piggy well loved and passed peacefully has had the best life possible and that's what you gave her.

Sending a Mnet hug to you.

RIP Piggie

Evenstar · 30/12/2013 20:23

Thanks everyone. One of the ones she shared with was her sister and they had always been together, and the other is only about 8 months old, the one that died "mothered" her quite a bit and she seems a bit lost tonight and was hiding in the bedroom and quite subdued. I am sure they will be OK at least I don't have a lone piggie to worry about.

OP posts:
FernieB · 30/12/2013 21:09

So sorry to hear this. They do go downhill very quickly but at least they don't suffer. Glad her cage mates are coping. They may seem a bit quiet and lost but if they are eating they are okay.

Hugs for you.

Sawdust · 30/12/2013 21:15

So sorry x

guineapiglet · 31/12/2013 13:56

Sorry to hear your news, she was still a young girl bless her. Hope the other two are ok. They do pine so will need lots of cuddles and attention. If they are outside make sure they are sheltered and cage not damp in any way. X

KRITIQ · 31/12/2013 21:39

So sorry to hear this. RIP wee one.

Evenstar · 31/12/2013 22:55

They are in the garage in a very strong well built hutch with a cosy bedroom and lots of hay and the hutches have 2 blankets over the front at night as well. Thanks everyone for thinking of me, I do miss her little face when I take their salad out Sad

OP posts:
Skrifa · 03/01/2014 19:47

Sad for your poor piggy. Sorry. Xx

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