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Hair loss around piggies rump

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thwinka · 23/12/2013 16:52

I have had GP3 for a few months now, and he has been treated on and off for what was assumed to be a fungal infection? When we cuddle him he leaves behind a lot of hair? No amount of fungal shampoo has improved this problem, and we are about to try a 4th one. However I am beginning to wonder if it is the grease from his grease gland causing the hair loss? It is only around his rump where he is losing the excess hair? About 6-7 at a time when gently pulled? Has anyone else experienced this with their piggies? The hair does get quite greasy around it? It has been trimmed and he is washed regularly with Swarfega but it is still quite active? Just wondering if this is a possibility rather than it being fungal!

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/12/2013 17:43

Is his skin red or flakey?
Is he itchy?

Mites can leave bald patches round the rump, but the hair tends to snap rather than come out cleanly (leaving stubbly little bristles)

They can get Lice (static or running) that you can use a shampoo on.(Check on Gorgeous Guineas , they;ve got 'Lice'n'Easy' )

Could be his greasegland if he's a grease producer (our GP1 used to have a claggy 'tail' that came away when he had a bum wash but GP2 never did)

They will lose hair all the time like humans. DD puts GP1 on the bed and there's a good few hairs (and other deposits) left behind)

thwinka · 23/12/2013 17:58

Hi 70 No he hasn't got red/flakey skin. He did have fungal when I first adopted him where his skin was very red/inflamed, but it looks fine and very healthy now. Its just the hair loss, they are convinced it is a sign he still has the fungal, and in all fairness, the vet who is seeing him is very competent but I am slowly losing the will to live with the continuous fungal treatment washes Grin
What kind of hair loss does your piggy suffer from if you don't mind me asking? GP3 probably leaves behind around 100? The vet thinks this is excessive?
Its just very frustrating as I have had him 3 months, and he is desperate for a piggy friend but I can't pair him up if he still has fungal :-(

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thwinka · 23/12/2013 17:59

The hair comes out cleanly btw, it isn't snapping off as you describe :-)

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/12/2013 18:06

Has your vet done a skin scrape to look for things like mange mites or lice?
Trouble is it might not just be one problem, you might need to use more than one treatment.
Has your vet ruled out ringworm?

(I use Xeno 450 on my boys but it doesn't cover ringworm)

There's melts and lotions on Gorgeous Guineas. Melt and apply (IIRC pre-shampooing)

Our boy loses about 10-20 hairs (little Rex boy very few but we know which is which by the hairs)

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 23/12/2013 18:09

Scurvy can cause hair loss too (Rescue hogs you just don't know what they've been eating before you got them )

thwinka · 23/12/2013 18:23

He has been treated for mites. No he hasn't mentioned ringworm and I hadn't thought of scurvy. I will go and look that up as I doubt he ate well before I had him as he was so skinny Sad He doesn't have bald patches or anything like that, its just like he's permanently molting as a dog would!!

OP posts:
Sleepingbunnies · 03/01/2014 22:06

I was going to say mites:(

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