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Any idea how we could get a rescue gerbil?

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jezzasjockstrap · 19/11/2013 20:22

Now the cat's gone to the celestial litter tray DD1 wants a pair of gerbils.
We've tried Wood Green, Blue Cross & RSPCA but there doesn't seem to be many rescue gerbs out there.
Anyone got any other ideas - am trying to avoid pet shops. We're in Cambridgeshire BTW.

OP posts:
FernieB · 20/11/2013 06:22

You may have to bite the bullet and try the adoption corner of Pets at Home - they quite often have gerbils who are either older and therefore not as easy to sell or have been returned.

killpeppa · 20/11/2013 06:32


youbethemummylion · 20/11/2013 06:34

Google small local rescue places rather than the bigger ones they tend to have gerbils, mice etc

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