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Sneezing GP

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FernieB · 26/10/2013 21:45

Smoothpig has just sneezed several times. Not had a sneezy pig before - should I worry?

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70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/10/2013 22:51

My little GP2 used to sneeze alot (any time of year, we had no idea if it was pollen, hay that was a bit dusty, house dust, the toilettries we used, air fresheners.....)

He did it all the time we had him. His eyes were't weepy or runny .

(I know you're thinking "GP2 died " but he didn't die from sneezing)

Have you used anything different , household cleaner type?

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/10/2013 00:25

Or he's allergic to the rabbit?

Bye Current Bun, make sure the door doesn't swing back on your arse on the way out . .............

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/10/2013 00:29

DD had a red area on her face (she'd been cuddling and kissing the hogs)
I took GP3 and

"Is that red on your face since you've cuddled GP"?
"Yes" she says "I often get a mark on my neck"
"Oh dear" I said "There's only one thing for it" takes the guinea from her.

She's Shock "We're not rehoming the pigs"

"I didn't say I'd rehome the Pigs "
Eyebrow arched.

Grin Mean Mummy.

FernieB · 27/10/2013 05:20

I was thinking allergy. He doesn't have any other symptoms (at least not last time I checked). The only thing that's changed is that I ran out of newspaper so they're on an old towel. Maybe he doesn't like the washing powder.

He's not been near Current Bun today. Trying to imagine having to rehome one of them - that'd be like Sophie's Choice Confused.

Was your DDs face red because the GPs had just eaten tomatoes and were being generous and sharing their mess?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/10/2013 09:04

It could well be the towel Fernie - there's alot of detergent residue left in laundry even after rinsing ( I use one of those ball things or Evocover or Surecare if I wash pig things and an extra rinse spoiled pigs )

DD doesn't seem worried about the red on her cheek. She gets a funny rash on her arm from plants and uses some Lanacane, (She can get this at school when she's nowhere near the hogs)

DH gets a rash if the pigs eat parsley on his skin.
I'll have to make sure she doesn't let them near her neck directly after they've eaten).

How is SmoothPig today?

Sawdust · 27/10/2013 09:59

Watch out for 'crusty' discharge around the eyes. Strangely enough, that is a sign of respiratory infections, which is serious.

But the odd sneeze is just cute! Grin

FernieB · 27/10/2013 21:27

No sneezes today Grin. He was very sweet though - after each sneeze he wiped his nose with his paw.

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