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Is a rabbit likely to nip less after castration?

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CatsAndTheirPizza · 15/08/2013 12:52

He started off quite well (got him at about 10 months old) but is getting nippy and tried to take a big chunk out of DH today. He's probably going in for the chop tomorrow (so he can have a female friend) is this likely to lessen the biting?

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midori1999 · 15/08/2013 17:48

It should do, but I would also look at what his accommodation is like. Getting a companion will probably help also, as it will help his confidence.

FernieB · 15/08/2013 22:59

It can do and hopefully will calm him down. If it's just the odd nip and not really aggressive it could be grooming behaviour. Rabbits nip the loose fur out of each other when grooming. The odd nip is a part of normal affectionate grooming. You can try saying 'ow' quite loudly as it happens so he stops - he'll get the message eventually.

CatsAndTheirPizza · 16/08/2013 18:40

Thank you.

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FernieB · 17/08/2013 03:03

One thing you can also do is to try and establish dominance as the Alpha Bunny (in his head). This doesn't work with all bunny's but when you're stroking him give him a bit of attention then gently move your hand under his chin and hold it there. In the bunny world this is a signal that you want to be stroked now. He may respond by licking which is his acceptance of this. He could also respond with a battle of wills in which he tries to stick his head under your hand to request more stroking.

This worked beautifully from the off with our previous bun but our 2 year old Current Bun has just started responding with licks. Upto now he's battled to get his head underneath to request grooming.

CatsAndTheirPizza · 17/08/2013 09:13

He's always licked us - I guess that is a good sign then. Thanks Fernie

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