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Small pets

Just thinking, What do you all think is the perfect first pet for a very animal friendly 8 year old

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TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 16:09

not sure how to describe her but all animals seem to be drawn to her

she loves all living things and would adore to be in soul charge of taking care of something of her own

I dislike hamsters as they are nocturnal and have always been (IME) extremely loud at night

I know I am posting in super furry animals but I wasn't sure were to start. I'm open to anything but spiders

OP posts:
Twooter · 31/07/2013 17:28

I don't care what you said, but Syrian hamsters are the way to go. Yes they can be a bit noisy in the night, but they can still be playful in the day, and are a lot more fun and attention seeking than those that come in twos.

WorrySighWorrySigh · 31/07/2013 17:29

Gerbils are very good. They last around 2-3 years. They arent nocturnal like hamsters. We had two sisters who happily lived together for their allotted span.

If you do go for gerbils they are best kept in something like an old fish tank as they do gnaw their way out of anything else. Plus they do spend lots of time reorganizing their bedding from one end to the other which can result in overspill!

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 17:29

Weigh up all the Preloved good/bad ...........................

5 month old lab/collie you say....................................?

I think (putting on my Derek Acorah Hat) that you are already half way to the phone Grin

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 17:32

This thread is moving fast

What d'you class as a small dog?

Chihauhau/Pom/Tea Cup Yorkie - anything smaller than a cat isn't my idea of a dog.

My NDN have a JR/Pug - he's a good size and lovely.

charlottehere · 31/07/2013 17:33

Guinea pigs

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 17:38

anything samller than a cat isn't a dog at all

small collie is about as small as I would go

they have to have actual length in the legs iyswim Grin

OP posts:
TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 17:38

I thought pugs were really small, certainly smaller than a cat

Lolly is big, bigger than my friends dalmation, as big as cliffs rottweiler cross cleo was

OP posts:
charlottehere · 31/07/2013 17:39

Dd has two lovely piggies, easy to look after and very sweet.

PipkinsPal · 31/07/2013 17:41

Rats. You can train them to come to their name and to do tricks. They are a lot of fun and not nocturnal. They are not too fast for little hands especially lazy male rats and they constantly wash themselves. Gerbils are great too but unless you get a gerbilarium you will be constantly hovering up sawdust, they like to dig in it and flick it all over the place.

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 17:43

ok can someone explain to me why guinea pigs have to be in pairs

and no I have not messaged the puppy owner.....

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 17:44

Pugs are small, but I suppose when any dog is crossed you don't know what you'll get.

Shrink Lolly in a hot wash.
Get a greyhound (if it's leg you're after, they've got leg)

Wouldn't fancy the chooks chances though Wink

MrsEricBana · 31/07/2013 17:45

Guinea pigs good but I wouldn't agree low maintenance as such - my dcs not interested at all and I am forever dealing with them. It involved fresh water, dry food, green veg every morning along with quick cage spruce up and bit of extra hay every day and big clean out not less than once a week but more if they have been stuck in cage due to wet weather. Also they have destroyed our grass and set up was surprisingly expensive. Biggest downside for us is that they live outside all year round and dcs just don't want to go outside in rain and dark after school and deal with them, vs a rat or hamster that lives indoors and is there to be seen and chatted to all the time. On the bright side for your lifespan point they do live up to 12 years (I found out AFTER I bought them!). They are absolutely adorable though, and despite dcs lack of interest I really love them. Cats top pet ever for us but not ideal is you have over enthusiastic dog.

goodjambadjar · 31/07/2013 17:46

Does it have to be furry? I seem to remember having terrapins when I was about her age.

MrsEricBana · 31/07/2013 17:46

Guineas need to be in pairs for company and one will squeak its head off if the other is taken out of the cage and he doesn't know where he's gone. V cute.

Madratlady · 31/07/2013 17:47

Rats definitely. You'd need a pair or trio but once they get used to you can be incredibly affectionate towards their humans. We have 11 at the moment and they all have their own personalities. One in particular adores my husband and will sit on his shoulder for hours and licks his hands in excitement when he opens the cage and picks him up.

They're also much happier to be handled than hamsters and much more friendly than most small pets, and not nocturnal although they are more active in the evening.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 17:51

GPs (I've got a boar pair at the moment but I've had single ones in the past -as a child)

They're prey animals and would naturally be in a group (usually A Boar + Sows)
Even if they are indoors with all the noise and hussle they need a companion that speaks 'their' language (GPs and Rabbits shouldn't pair up)

My 2 Boars (original pair) were brothers (about 3yo, they were rescue pigs).
One of them died so we had the single boar alone while we looked for a new companion. We got a boar piglet from Rescue. He was about six days alone and it was pitiful to see. My pigs live out in summer .In?out in Winter.
We saw a huge difference in him when he got piglet after being alone. I honestly wouldn't recommend the Single Life for a guinea.
It's a long day and an even longer night for them.

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 17:52

so I could get them a rat each and a puppy for Lolly me Grin

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 17:59

Rats look cute, very agile.
Females (is it does) are supposed to be more agile. Males (is it bucks) more friendly but have unsavourly, untidy large bollocks . (I'm glad to report my guinea boars keep their bollocks respectably tucked away and near the ground)


For Lolly (of course) Wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 31/07/2013 18:04

Seriously though would you get a dog from Preloved?
I've scanned some of the GP adds on Gumtree and they are
"I'm selling my two year old GP. Children lost interest. Want a brilliant, gold plated home. Only £30. We love him so much"


If you love him so much . Keep the animal.
And if I took it, I would give it a good home but I wouldn't give you a dime.
I don't want your shoebox cage or your half bag of sawdust.
I could go to a breeder and get a new one for £15.
So no way are you going to profit from your animal.

Is Preloved similar?

(I got my GPs from Rescue so I gave a donation for them - price I would have paid at Pet Shop. They get the donation and I get a pig)

Frettchen · 31/07/2013 18:08

Have you considered ferrets? You could get a pair from rescue; 2 or 3 year olds would be perfect for first-time ferret owners. They're fab pets; are active dawn and dusk, and could live outside.

Life expectancy is 7-10 years, and they're the most entertaining pets you could imagine!

(I want to say 'get the puppy', but I'm really not on board with those internet pet shops; preloved and gumtree and the like, and couldn't advocate it... as much as another puppy is always a good choice!!!)

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 18:10

no they dont profess to be soooo sad at getting rid but wanting money

they all seem sad and just ant a good home

or the ones I'm looking at do
At the moment I might end up with three

OP posts:
MumnGran · 31/07/2013 18:34

Pleased you are seriously considering the puppy Grin

Just a word of caution though ....places like Preloved may offer some honest options, but there are also a lot of people who will rehome there but never tell you that the GSD is being homed because it bites, or the Collie cross has learned to be very destructive, or herd children (it happens a lot with bored collies!).
It would be so very sad if you took something, wanting to really do some good, and it turned into a nightmare for you.

Please think about going to either a local rescue centre, or a breed rescue (a lady from Lab Rescue told me they have been inundated this year) where all the rescues will have been assessed.

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 18:36

yes but if I was going to rehome, I would go and get the 8 yr old boxer that I was looking at a while back and IS STILL THERE Sad

OP posts:
MumnGran · 31/07/2013 18:39

Go and see him Smile

TrinityRhino · 31/07/2013 18:40

I love labs

OP posts:
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