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DDs hamster died today - how to tell her?

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oliviasfriend · 09/03/2013 21:46

I went to check on DDs hamster today around 6pm and found that she had died, she was 20 months old. We decided it was too late in the day to tell her so will tell her tomorrow morning. I'm so sad as she was such a sweet hamster and I've shed a few tears already. I'm dreading telling DD as she will be so upset. She was so excited at bedtime because it's Mother's Day tomorrow and I wish I didn't have to tell her. It's her first pet so she hasn't experienced this before.

I was just posting really to see if anyone had any nice ideas as to how I might approach it. Would you give her the option of seeing her hamster 'asleep'? She's in her little house lying on her side facing away, mainly covered in bedding, so not shocking to look at. We thought we would bury her in the garden in a little box and if DD wanted to make a card for her, we could put that in. Would welcome any other ideas. Thank you.

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fortifiedwithtea · 09/03/2013 22:43

Oh I am sorry. What a rotten weekend for this to happen poor DD Sad.

We've lost 2 guinea pigs and each time the kids have seen them 'asleep'. Youngest DD has stroked their fur and made a hay bed for them in a box. Each of our piggies have been buried in the garden with a good bye and acknowlegement of what a good piggie they've been and what a good life they have had.

Sorry I haven't got any good ideas how to tell your DD. I just go with the flow when it happens. It's important to be truthful though.

gilly86 · 09/03/2013 22:44

How old is your daughter?
Sorry for your lossSad

Fallenangle · 09/03/2013 22:51

You can't soften the news but you can help her grieve appropriately. Have a proper burial in a box and a grave marker. If she is old enough you could get her to write a letter to the hamster telling it how much she will miss it etc.

oliviasfriend · 09/03/2013 23:17

Thank you for replies, it's really helpful. DD is 7 years old. It does feel rotten that I have to tell her on Mother's Day. My parents-in-law are coming over for lunch tomorrow and they actually bought the hamster for DD on her 6th Birthday, so maybe that will help. Thanks again. X

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