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megazorb or carefresh

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andrea315 · 22/02/2013 11:09

Has anyone used them which is best for guineas etc thank you

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/02/2013 11:34

Hi andrea.
I've not tried Carefresh but I did buy a huuuuge bag of Megazorb when I first got the boars.

Personally, I didn't find any advantage (though I can appreciate it's excellent for indoor Super Furries)

It's a massive bag to store.(I've got two new plastic dustbins with the locking lids to keep their hay and straw dry beside their Pighouse)
I bought it from Farmway online (it's an equine bedding IRL, just been poached for the fur baby community) Grin
Can't remember how much it was but you have to factor in P&P. They did a special offer of Free P&P over £35 but under a specified weight. 2 bags was over this weight though.

I put it in the corners of the boys haybox. They decided not to pee in the corners Hmm

It sticks to fleece if you use this.
I use catlitter under newspaper (Catsan under the newspaper when they were in the living room. Now they have small animal friendly wood pellets)

It's dust free but very fine, so it does tend to get everywhere .

AFAIK, carefresh is very similar. Maybe try a small bag of Carefresh and see if you like it, then see if there's a Saddlery near you that stocks it?
I don't know if Farmways does small animal products now. It seems to be Equine/Farm. So you'd probably have to buy in bulk.

andrea315 · 22/02/2013 11:50

Have you used hemp ? Our guineas will be inside they will be in a fleece c&c run in the day and then a ferplast cage at night its for the ferplast I need it don't want to leave in c&c and night because we have a house bunny and dog :)

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 22/02/2013 12:09

I haven't tried hemp (IIRC that's another Equine bedding)
Be aware though, some are citronella fragrenced which is ok for horses but pigs' noses are right in the bedding.

I use wood cat pellets from The Range (big yellow bag, Natural Cat or Natures Choice or similar name). I use the whole bag in their indoor cage to give a nice deep layer then newspaper on top. If it gets wet it crumbles into powder, I can just scoop out any manky patches. Though the newspaper takes most of it, the waterbottle sometimes drips.

It controls the boar odour , shakes of fabric and it forms a nice 'cushion' for them. I've seen rabbits with just the wood pellets to form nests in Grin. But bunnies are tidier than pigs toilet wise.

I give mine a fleece outside in their houses, the main haybox has deep hay with soft straw at the back to insulate.
I've noticed mine prefer the hay to fleece, so I've changed over to just hay & paper now. (Easier to roll up and dispose of too,. Bonus as it's me that cleans the mucky pigs cages )

BonkeyBeadyMollocks · 22/02/2013 14:51

I have used both and megazorb is fab and easier on the pocket for GPs, I use carefresh for hammy because i don't need so much.

Both are some of the best beddings out there imo.

DoesItWearingWellies · 04/03/2013 20:56

From what I can gather, Carefresh and Megazorb are essentially the same product. DD used Megazorb for her boars until one developed an allergy (they were cleaned out every 4 days and he's be wheezing for 3 days after cleaning them out). Megazorb also seemed to end up everywhere.

She now uses Aubiose (hemp) and is happy with it. She'd rather use Hemcore because it's British grown and packed but they started adding citronella a couple of years ago which is no good for piggies. It looks a little harsh/chunky but the boys don't seem to mind and a little goes a long way (20kgs is about £11 at our local feed & tack shop).

Madratlady · 05/03/2013 21:56

Carefresh is really expensive! I use finacard for my bunnies and rats.

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