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RIP Fred the Guinea.......

16 replies

seeker · 26/01/2013 09:51


What can we do to make sure Ginger doesn't miss him too much? They shared a cage, but didn't seem to like each other very much, but even so, it will be the first time he's been without another guinea in all his 6 years.

I'm assuming that it would be a seriously bad idea to get another one?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/01/2013 10:32

Oooh hi seeker I haven't seen you post on Super Furry Animals but I recognise your name.

Sad that your guinea has gone and Ginger is a lonesome.

At 6yo it will be a huge decision to make.
Really he'd need a baby boar- but then you'd be left with a little pig when Ginger goes.
He's a bit too mature (old) to put him through neutering. (The other option. To neuter a boar and match with a couple of sows).

You could get an older girl and side-by-side them (make sure they can't get together) Grin. Just hearing and smelling face-to-face through bars.

None of these options is ideal. You'll be in the situation of having a guinea-pig left when he goes.
I've has single guineas left when I was a child. We gave them extra cuddles (they were in the house part time, outside by day in good weather)
Is Ginger inside?

Maybe see how he goes? You might find he's ok, but if he gets depressed, think of the options.

BTW, there's lots of similar threads. Lots of people do get another pig, but most are younger than your boar.

Good Luck.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/01/2013 10:36

Have a look at the Barmy4Boars website.
Lots of hog advice their-
boar options, match-ups.

BTW they don't advice trios. - your boy + 2 tiny boars sounds like it would work in theory.
But trios are hard to keep the dynamics intact.
Their hormones hit the fan at 6 months.

guineapiglet · 26/01/2013 11:54

Hi - sorry to hear your news, it is a sad day today for guineas:(

Agree with everything 70 has said, much will depend on you and your family and whether your want to go through the 'cycle' of guineas again. It is very hard for the remaining one, particularly when he has had a lifelong companion and Ginger will be very lonely. You can bring him in and make him part of your family life, so he has lots of attention and cuddles etc. It is one of 'those' ages for guineas really, and a rotten time of year for them in terms of being out and about. Have a think about what you and the kids want to do - in the meantime all you can do is give Ginger lots of fun and games and keep an eye on him as well so he doesnt pine.

seeker · 26/01/2013 17:53

Thank you all. I'd rather not get into a guinea cycle if possible- I can see it going on for ever! They were always indoor guineas in the winter - Ginger is watching Friends at the moment from ds's pocket. We'll just make sure he has loads of attention, I think, and keep an eye on him.

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/01/2013 21:30

Wry smirk @ didn't seem to like each other.
My boars often have a little snap at each other.
"What's your problem"?
"Your FACE "

GP2 was kicking his hind legs in GP1 face last week because he had the damned barefaced cheek to want in at the food bowl Shock

But they love each other really (in a punch-in-the-arm-Brother Way)

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 26/01/2013 23:45

Oh, watching Friends ...............................

He's either hinting for a friend or it's the guinea-pig version of throwing himself onto a metaphorical spike

(If DD makes the boars watch 'AntFarm' or 'Jessie' they get a murderous gleam in their eyes)

fortifiedwithtea · 27/01/2013 11:50

Sorry for the loss of Fred Sad. Boars have a funny way of showing brotherly love and George will be missing Fred.

Bring George into the house and give him alot of attention. This is one of those times when we wish we had a crystal ball. George is already 6. If you know he was going to be one of those exceptional piggies that live to a very grand old age, I would get 2 girlies to live side by side. This worked for us. My Old Boy lost his brother just after their 4th birthday. I thought he was too old to neuter so got 2 sows to live in a separate hutch and it worked very well. I lost my Old Boy just over a week ago and his girlfriends Fatimus are still grieving for him Sad.

seeker · 27/01/2013 13:34

He's an inside guinea anyway- especially in the winter. He enjoyed the tennis this morning, and is now giving ds a hand with his homework. So I think his grief is manageable!

OP posts:
RooneyMara · 27/01/2013 13:47

Oh sorry to hear this Seeker. The remaining pig sounds very happy fwiw!

I had two girls and one died in the summer, and I don't think girl 2 ever got over it - she went just before Christmas.

Hope you don't have any problems.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 27/01/2013 14:41

DD was doing a project about The Amazon River,GP1 'helped'her.
He's been nowhere near South America (the lying ball of fur'n'lard)Shock

Just check what "help" he's given Wink

seeker · 27/01/2013 15:17

Hmm. Ginger seemed quite sound on line graphs.........

OP posts:
KRITIQ · 28/01/2013 23:23

Really sorry to hear about Fred's passing. RIP.

I had a similar situation to yours several years back. Younger boar of my pair died suddenly, leaving a grieving quite frail boar of 6 - 7 years (he was a rescue, so not exactly sure how old he was.) I thought it might be good to have a "pig free stretch," so took the old man to work with me, gave him lots of cuddles and treats, etc. After about 4 weeks, I could see that physically, he was holding his own, but emotionally, he was just very depressed. I broke down and got a baby boar. They bonded instantly and I was so relieved, but 2 weeks later (you guessed it) the old fella passed on. Cue emergency trip to the pet shop (I wouldn't do that now - would go to a rescue) for another baby boar.

If your Ginger is content on his own with extra attention and treats, he might be fine to live out his days solo. Something I have found though is that around 2 weeks after a pig becomes "widowed," it's as if the loss really starts to kick in. I've noticed changes in behaviour - not interested in food, stop squeaking, sometimes just small things, but definitely signs of loneliness. I don't know if anyone else has seen this or it's just me.

Would there be the option of fostering a pair of piggies and keeping them next to Ginger for company? Something like that?

Best of luck whatever you decide.

fortifiedwithtea · 29/01/2013 12:51

I agree Kritiq at first when OB lost his brother he seemed fine but then he became really withdrawn and spent all day sitting under my sewing machine pooping and weeing. It was a right mess good job the floor is laminate even though I hate it.

The girls are getting back to being BFF's. Naughty Girl has been very submissive and Fatimus has been literally throwing her weight around. Rumbling, blocking the bedroom arch so Naughty cann't get out to food, attacking her Angry. But thankfully neither has drawn blood, so I've left them to work out their differences Hmm. I think the worst is over.

The good news, if that's the right thing to say, is Naughty is still being very naughty is floor time Smile.

seeker · 31/01/2013 12:04

Well, he seems OK- eating and drinking and alert and friendly. But he's stopped squeaking. I don't think he's made a sound since Fred died. Is this normal? Coincidence? Do they only squeak at each other and not to communicate with their humans?

OP posts:
guineapiglet · 31/01/2013 12:41

Hi - well my girls used to squeak and chatter non stop to each other and to me ALL the time, constant bickering and messing. But when the last one was left all alone after many years of being used tocompanionship, she just stopped talking, it was really sad. If we cuddled her she would purr, but definitely lost her usually chatty and bossy character. I guess they pine and grieve in their own little way - he is probably lonely, poor thing. The good news is that he is still eating and drinking, so at least you can be reassured on that front.

I guess lots of attention and involvement in your family life will give him interest.

seeker · 31/01/2013 12:45

They both used to squeak when anyone opens a packet of crisps in case it was salad. Sad

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