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Guinea pig lump :(

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fridayfreedom · 10/09/2012 20:39

found a lump in Gary's abdomen when checking him over tonight. It's below his ribs and in his flesh not attached to the skin. It feels firm and worryingly seems to have a 'root rather than being free moving. Am feeling a bit scared. Have emailed the lady at the rescue where we got him for some advice.

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fridayfreedom · 10/09/2012 21:04


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KRITIQ · 10/09/2012 23:18

Oh my, I can understand that you are worried. I've always thought I should have spotted things like that much earlier than I have, but sometimes they DO pop up quite quickly (and occasionally disappear just as fast.) I know it's hard, but try not to worry until you know whether there is anything to worry about. Let us know what the rescue person says. Do you have a cavy savvy vet near you?

Piggies can get all sorts of lumps and bumps. Some are harmless, some can be removed before they cause big problems and others well, they can be more of an issue, but these aren't as common as the other types. Just hang in there and good luck.

guineapiglet · 11/09/2012 10:52

Hi, wonder if you have had chance to get the lump investigated? GPs do get all sorts of lumps which they can live with, but you need to know what kind of lump it is, hopefully benign and it can either be treated or ignored. Alot depends on how the lump affects him - if he is able to move freely and showing no signs of discomfort than it may be a fatty type thing. But the vet will be able to advise - girls are much more prone to them - one of ours had a huge lump behind her ear but it never seemed to bother her much, - it really does depend on whether it is attached to something - so do get the best advice for him. Good luck, let us know how hes getting along.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 11/09/2012 17:27

Gps can get fatty lumps for sure- throat areas and bellies are a common site.
Usually they are solid, smooth and don't cause them any problems (our elderly sows had them, quite big -about the size of a grape- but no trouble)

Abcesses will sometimes have a visible wound -a bite, an infection where a hair follicle has been yanked out, even a bee/wasp sting (loads of the little stripey stingers at the moment)

My GP1 has a lump the same size and shape as a Smartie on his belly. It arrived in New Year and vanished about April. Just went! Hadn't moved or burst.
No idea what it was. Not his naval as far as I could tell, didn't hurt him.

Keep a check on your pig (Maybe take a photo to compare it)
Hopefully it's just a fatty lump but you might want to put your mind at rest with a check up

fridayfreedom · 11/09/2012 17:40

Thanks for your concern. Phoned the rescue today but the owner wasn't there but is back tomorrow so will phone her then.
Rang the vet and made an appt for next Mon as that is when I am not at work. Gary seems fine, eating ok, usual self so not an emergency. Will ask rescue lady if she can have a look in the meantime.
No spot or anything on the skin to indicate an abcess.Has been out in the run where big pig ate a stray leaf!! have googled it and no note found to say it is poisonous, infact someone said they gave the branches to their rabbit to chew...fingers crossed!!
why do we have these small furries, they cause so much angst???

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fridayfreedom · 12/09/2012 18:28

have spoken to rescue lady, she is going to see Gary on Friday.
Big Pig is fine after eating rogue leaf!!!
They are coming in tonight as mornings and evenings are very chilly here....DH out tonight!!!

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fridayfreedom · 14/09/2012 20:08

been to see rescue lady tonight. she could feel the lump which is small but definately attached :((
so off to the vet on my day off on Monday. Hopefully to be told it's fine and just keep an eye on it. Gary is fine and otherwise in great shape, big pig is fat, so won't be showing him to the vet!! am cutting down on his dry food.

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KRITIQ · 14/09/2012 23:23

Try not to worry over the weekend. I know that's hard, really hard. The important thing is you've found it and even if is something iffy, the chances of getting it sorted out will be better than if you'd not seen it until later. Extra hugs all round! Keep us posted.

fridayfreedom · 15/09/2012 21:20

Thanks Kritiq. The rescue lady said it was small, so vet may want to wait and see but if not he is young and fit so should manage an op. Vet specialises in GPs hence the hrs drive to get there. Taking Big pig too for company.
Not worrying too much as he is as normal with his eating and was running around like a loony last night.

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fridayfreedom · 17/09/2012 12:06

Good thinks Gary's lump is a fatty lump, am reassured because she is a guinea pig expert. She said Gary is a "fine pig"...glows with pride!!
she weighed him and said he is a good weight, then offered to check and weigh Gizzy.....refused as Big Pig is on reduced rations of dry food due to his rather rotund shape!!!

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