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They're here, they're here!

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LingDiLong · 24/08/2012 20:24

We now have 2 new (old) guinea pigs! They have come from a friend of my DH, they're 3 year old females. Were handled a lot until recently. Any tips to help them settle?

They are currently in an indoor cage until we get their usual residence (a hutch) up and running. They have hidden in their igloo since they got here an hour ago. I've put some brocolli and some hay in there and one keeps popping her head out to have a nibble but as soon as she spots me or hears a noise she retreats back inside.

We've got a run ready for them outside too. Are they ok to go outside if it's raining tomorrow? It does have a sheltered bit.

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BonkeyMollocks · 24/08/2012 22:01

Congrats on your new pigs! :) You will become addicted!

Chuck in loads of hay and leave them to it for abit. They will love burrowing through the hay and it will make them feel more secure with it covering them. My two go more mental for hay than anything else Grin .

Are they used to veggies?
Its about a cupful per piggy per day of various veg. Google and you will find a safe list, theres also one on here somewhere if you go back a few pages.

I have indoor pigs but I know its not good for them to be out on wet ground. I personally wouldn't put them out if it was raining, but it may be a good idea to keep them in their cage for a few days anyway and let them get used to their new home.
Get their permanent one up asap so its not to much upheaval.

Have you had them out for cuddles?
A blanket or towel is good, keeps 'presents' off you, and you can fold it over them, again it will make them feel more secure.
My Big Pig was very shy when we first got him but put him in a pile of blanket and he would squeak and jump away.
Always good to have a bit pf parsley to hand!

Where were they before?

LingDiLong · 24/08/2012 22:07

A work colleague of DH has given them to us, they had them for their teenage kids but over the last 6 months the kids had lost interest. Yes, they're apparently used to veggies and we are told they squeak when they hear carrier bags rattling! The hutch is tomorrow's project so hopefully we'll be able to put them in that soon. I wasn't sure whether to try and cuddle them yet or just to leave them be? They've been getting a little bolder as the evening goes on but are still skittish, I don't want to scare them. The cage will need a clean out tomorrow so they'll have to be handled then I guess.

Thanks for your reply!

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BonkeyMollocks · 24/08/2012 22:14

They are naturally skittish animals.

My two are don't flinch at a 4yo stomping around but cough and they run like the wind Hmm .

I would just see how it goes, if they have been handled before it won't be too bad.

Pigs lurve snuggles!

One of mine likes to stretch out on the back of my neck, and the other likes to sprawl under my chin. So lovely when they start purring and chattering away :)

guineapiglet · 28/08/2012 11:11

Hi - hope all is going well with the new guineas and they have settled in a bit - they need to get used to your voices, your routine, and establish their routine on you - you will find them very addictive! All the advice is great, they will be a bit nervous to start with, but they can be bribed with food all the time, and they will start to respond to you given time - they need places to hide where they feel confident, and human contact time where they can sit and wee on you. Lucky you, hope they settle in and you and your family can enjoy them.

LingDiLong · 28/08/2012 20:24

Thanks guineapiglet. They're definitely more settled with me. They don't run away and hide now if they see me. And they seem less scared when I pick them up to put them in their run.

They are - not surprisingly - still very nervous of my 3 kids! I think it'll take a bit more time for them to get used to the inevitable sudden movements and loud noises that comes with children.

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