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Piggery pitter patter due v soon

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damppatchnot · 17/08/2012 22:31

well my maternity wing is in full swing. Coco, Lulu and Penny due v soon and Lily, Lola and Amelia next month

All eating ENORMOUS amounts and nesting in thier cat igloos which are nice and comfy for them

Got Rhoda, Muffy and Susan mated up
so v excited for the newbies. Peruvian, Lunkyara and Coronets

It's the busy time and all my waiting lists almost full

Which is good as I could keep them all!!

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 19/08/2012 01:42

Just out of nosiness interest...

I know you are a breeder, not a rescue, but:

if you sold a GP/GPs ,and later the owners couldn't or didn't want to keep the guineas- do you take them back?

What would you do if one of your piglets was born with a deformity (serious or otherwise). Or if one of your piglets was a Lethal White? Keep? PTS?

And on the line of the Mystery Pregnancy thread.
If you sold 2 sows, do you say there's no 100% guarentee?
What about if there were resulting piglets. Where does the responsibilty lie?

Or if someone buys a boar piglet to match with an adult boar. You'd need to make sure they got on before they were sold. But if a week or a month later they didn't?

As I said, you're a breeder, so a business, not a rescue.
Just nosey-ing really Wink

RabbitsMakeBrownEggs · 19/08/2012 14:30

I'm an owner. I take back any adopted babies, it's there on the paperwork I am going to give out. My lethal white has been hand reared and is thriving. I'd take on any piglets born, whether it was my mistake or theirs, and I'd help with boar bonding, but take a boar back if it was unsuccessful.


damppatchnot · 19/08/2012 20:24

Ultimately I'm an animal lover so would take back any unwanted and if I sell sows they would not be pg as I keep boars seperate

If god forbid I had a deformed baby I would take vets advice and if suffering would put to sleep and if not keep

I sold a boar a few months ago and he dud not get in with hutch mate so I had him back and somebody who bought a baby boar took him BOGOF as he was living happily with the baby boys anyway

I dont mind you being nosy. There ate lots if dodgy folk out there just in it for money but my money goes back on then

I have just redorcated the workshop with green leafy sticky back and they are all gazing at it today plus I buy lots of treats fir them too

OP posts:
RabbitsMakeBrownEggs · 19/08/2012 20:26

Bless. I just picked a bucket load of dandelion leaves as a treat for the animals. They WHEEKED very loudly for dinner. :o

BonkeyMollocks · 19/08/2012 20:26

Do we get piglet pictures?


damppatchnot · 19/08/2012 20:40

I got 12 packets of corn on the cob whilst doing my usual lurking around the veg man with price gun at tesco!!

They were popcorning all over the place

I'm just finishing off my workshop then will up date my you tube video

I will do a nursery one too

The old one is called guinea pig crib the beginning

I have been in there since 8am apart from tesco dash with the kids bobbing in and out to help it's v relaxing

They all had a spit and polish today. Some bathed, all brushed and nails done As they are are long haired breeds it takes some doing but they have fabulous thick coats even the pg ones. My babies always have thick costs and come out looking like little sheep!!

OP posts:
BonkeyMollocks · 19/08/2012 20:43

I got some bargains in Morrison's today!

9p for a slice of watermelon. Boys loved it!

Broccoli for 20p, big leafy cauliflower for 55p, they had the leaves! :)

I have happy piggies tonight Grin .

damppatchnot · 19/08/2012 20:48

Love bargain veg! I got a good one from pets at home. A cat ligloo all fleecy but washable and the dangling mouse had fell
Off which I was not bothered about but insisted it was not worth buying without so £20 down to £10 and my mums love it and it washes lovely!!

Been half tempted to go bank with a pair of scissors Grin

OP posts:
RabbitsMakeBrownEggs · 19/08/2012 20:51

I am off out to Aldi tomorrow to buy fruit and veg for the week. They had to make do with dandelions as they ate me out of house and home. Eleven babies and two feeding mums will do that to you!

Cleaned the big hutch out today, proper bleach, boiling water rinse, then a decent spray of a hutch insecticide to kill any beasties! Then loads of newspaper, hay and sawdust for the baby bunnies. Love when all the cages/hutches/enclosures are clean.

damppatchnot · 19/08/2012 21:12

I did mine today. Scrub out, anti bac spray andctgen bleach and mild soap hot water. Lined with the newspapers and then lashings of shavings and fresh hay. 4 hours then I relined all the Walls with the new paper as the old one run out and the shop had none left. It looks cosy

Well it makes me laugh because all thevfolk in the shops look at my trolley full of greens and must think I am mega healthy

But today the nearest I have got to fruit is a fruit and nut Grin

OP posts:
damppatchnot · 21/08/2012 21:05

Well they are fat fat fat and eating me out of house and home!

Lulu on the nest and Coco v quiet. Penny however is still peeling over at the boys The slapper!

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 21/08/2012 22:50

When is Due Day dampatch ?

Are you taking bets on how many you'll get and how many boys/girls?

Are you expectant mum-pigs first time pg or have they had previous litters?

Do we get a prize if we guess right (not a baby GP though, my boars would eat it or bonk it Blush )

RabbitsMakeBrownEggs · 22/08/2012 11:34

Looking forwards to this. :o

damppatchnot · 22/08/2012 19:03

They were introdhuced to boys starting 24 June and last one a few weeks ago so first one anytime from next week

They are in order
Coco paired with jaja prev with spike and had one each tine this time much bigger
lulu with spike 1st litter

Penny with Henry 1st liter
Lola with Charlie 1st litter
Lily and Arthur 1st litter

Amelia and Harvey first litter

Rhoda abs Henry second litter had 5 in first litter last year

Muffin ( cocos daughter) with jaja 1st litter

Lots of orders for sows but they will all be wanted and I will gave pick

Looking forward to lily and kolas as they are gorgeous creams with fabulous ling coats and Arthur and Charlie have fab coats too

Excited is not the word

Just give then tea of broccoli carrots and baby leaves

OP posts:
damppatchnot · 22/08/2012 21:00

Had a feel off cocos rum tonight and movement either side so looks like more than one this time!

OP posts:
damppatchnot · 07/09/2012 12:44

Coco had 4 bundles of fluff last night! All a good size and feeding well

Lola looks to be next so bought extra hay and parsley today for the maternity unit!

OP posts:
RabbitsMakeGOLDEggs · 07/09/2012 15:02

Squeeeeeee. Pictures when you have a minute! I'll do some of my babies all growed up soon.

Dillydollydaydream · 07/09/2012 19:54

Aww lovely. I love guinea pigs. We have 2 boars and their noises are brilliant! :)

damppatchnot · 07/09/2012 20:43

All fluffy and running about squeaking now! Soooo cute tucking into veg x

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 07/09/2012 21:06

Baby GPs are lovely aren't they. Their feet and ears don't seem to match their bodies and their eyes are enourmous.

And baby guinea-pig poohs are mini Blush .Piglet broody over GP droppings.

Damp do you take photos of the baby piglets (for your own portfolio) to give to the new owners?
They change so quickly in the first few weeks.
My boys were yearlings.I try to imagine what they'd look like as babies.Sometimes we see an agouti or a black in P@H .DD says "Oh that's what GP1/GP2 would've looked like"

ThreadWatcher · 07/09/2012 21:27

Given that you are obviously a very caring GP owner it seems a shame that you are not running a GP rescue instead of churning out piggies.

Even if those piggies have homes already organised it seems a shame to me. Our local rescue has 30 piggies at any one time........... rehoming them is a constant challenge. :(

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 07/09/2012 21:41

Thread our local P@H had some little baby piggies a while back. One of the staff told me they were imported from Spain.

They were 5 weeks old.

How did they travel?I don't know but I'm guessing by road rather than air (price consideration).
And I'm putting money on the sad fact that there would have been fatalities along the way.

I didn't ask why they had to go to Spain to source their GP stock. Maybe the UK breeders were too ££ ?

I'd much rather people buy from a UK responsible breeder than a PetShop. But if breeders don't breed, the Pets Shops will answer the demand.

And of course you are 100% right. People should look to rescue . I got our boars last October (they are 2 next month) from a local rescue. Thankfully we didn't have to see all the pigs.
My DD wanted a boar so we got 2 boar brothers. She'd already fallen in love before she met them.She saw a photo of them and that was it.
I was worried in case they wouldn't like us (as if!) with them being adults and I've never had 2 adult boars before.

But we adore them. GP1 worships my DD. GP2 is my DS but he's more a 'family pig', DS is less obsessed with the hogs.
GP2 doesn't mind. He's fed, cleaned and cuddled just like his brother.

ThreadWatcher · 07/09/2012 21:47

P@H is obviously the worst place to buy them.
But rescue places will always be overflowing with animals even if petshops didnt exist because there are always people breeding them.

Our local rescue has rehomed 1091 piggies since 2003 - all from her conservatory and with no funding except donations/own money.

70isaLimitNotaTarget · 07/09/2012 21:58

Sad that alot of the GPs in rescue are boars - they do have a bad reputation.
TBH I'd have probably chosen girls if my DD hadn't insisted we get her a boy.

They are lovely very friendly, great characters.
You can forgive the niffy boariness , the way they lounge about airing their bollocks in good weather and the grim prospect of elderly boars with impaction.

When I was a child I bought 2 females but one was mis-sexed by the Petshop. So we had a litter. Then because we were told "the boar won't harm the piglets, leave him with her" she got pg straight away. So litter number 2.
Seperate rooms for them.
Then I bought a female (I checked. Yes definately female) She was already pg when I bought her Hmm.
We kept the 2 females but rehomed the males. (This was 25-30 years back)
TBH there were no rescues then AFAIK.

damppatchnot · 07/09/2012 22:04

I have rescued gp too and the most important thing I say tonmy buyers is if ever they for whatever reason they cannot keep gp I will take back

I take photos of all my young. It's the big clean tomorrow so I'm
Going to redo my you tube video and post link

I took two gp in last week that were so matted It took hours to clean them. I put them on the grass and it was obvious they have never been out. One week later they are fatter, coats shining and happier.

They are going to get a weekend in the garden thus weekend as it's going to be warm. They even come up to the edge of the pen for a tickle now little loves

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