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Rabbit handling advice needed

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roundabout1 · 03/08/2012 12:49

We have two young lionhead rabbits about 12 weeks old. We got them from a localrescue centre . One is longer haired than the other & is very playful in the hay & has got a few bits tangled up in her fur. They have a large hutch with an attatched run although we haven't let them out in it yet. We have opened the hutch doors and they eatout of our hands & have given them a tiny bit of a brush. Problem is the longer haired one really needs a more through brush. Do e leave it until they are a bit more tame or does bite the bullet and pick her up & give her a more through brush?

OP posts:
Lozislovely · 04/08/2012 20:18

Hi round

I'd say bite the bullet. We didn't with our second rescue bun and he's never been as calm as the other one. The more reassurance you can give, I would say is better.

Our first bun came along when my son was really into buns so he spent a lot of time with her and she's much more relaxed about being brushed, have her nails clipped etc. Whereas number 2 bun just wants to be left alone to do his own thing.

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