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mites and outdoor play (guinea pigs)

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racingheart · 19/06/2012 22:28

Our guinea pigs live inside but when it's fine they go out every day in a run for several hours. I've noticed they get mites in the summer after a day or two on the grass. Tiny white flecks that look like dandruff but I've been told are mite eggs, so have been treating them with a spray.

Can they be picking up mites from the grass? Does anyone know about guinea pig mites and where they come from, how to avoid them?

OP posts:
70isaLimitNotaTarget · 20/06/2012 10:03

They can be present in hay.
And alot of GPs just carry them, without any problems. But if the GP is unwell, they can 'take over' .

If you comb them with a fine comb, mites can look like a dusty dandruff.
It's hard to tell if it's general dust or skin scurf though.

I've never treated my previous GPs that I had as a child , but with our boars ,I bought some Xeno 450 (drops on the back of the neck) online.
It protects against mites, ticks, lice and roundworm (my hogs graze out when it's nice).

Look on the Gorgeous guinea website, they've got some photos too. They do a treatment shampoo for mites.

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