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Do you have to have a cat flap if you have a cat?

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Kennyp · 19/05/2012 21:17

We only have a glass patio door fir the back door so if we were out all day he/she couldnt get out. Is it possible ti have a cat without a flap? Potentially getting a cat but need to find out stuff first. Thanks.

OP posts:
OldLadyKnowsNothing · 19/05/2012 22:00

I have a cat and no flap, but I can leave the bathroom window open all day for her.

This is fine in summer, but can bloody freeze the house out the other eleven and a half months.

By the way, there's a cat topic here, you might get more responses.

RandomMess · 19/05/2012 22:04


If you don't have a cat flap they just train you to let them in and out.

you can have new glass put in to include a cat flap - it does make life easier tbh.

although they still train you to open the door for them

crazynanna · 19/05/2012 22:10

Does anyone know of suppliers who do the pane of glass with a cat flap in it please? Smile

pinkandsparklytoo · 19/05/2012 22:16

I've never had a cat flap in any house I've lived in until this one. I've always had a cat. They seem to manage fine. Usually they stand at the door and shout until you let them in or out.

gemma4d · 19/05/2012 22:27

I have been told both that its not possible to have a cat flap in a glass door and that its possible but expensive. Obviously told by different people!

I have 2 cat flaps (nasty tom cat picks on our dc - darling cat - so we have a 2 door system so she can always escape him). Both times we had the glass panel replaced with a plastic panel that they can easily cut the hole into.

We could manage with no cat flaps, but I would feel guilty. Our cat was a treasured princess house cat in her last home - before being abandoned when a baby came along. She now lives the life of an average moggy, which I do feel a little guilty about. It was a harsh step down for her in some ways, but she is now loved rather more securely! She is however a bit of a sop, and not really an outdoorsy-I-can-take-care-of-myself sort. Just get yourself a "harder" cat than I did, and you should be able to manage without the flaps!

RandomMess · 19/05/2012 22:30

As far as I'm aware all the double glazing firms large and small can do this.

Dont' do what the PILS did though - they had a glass french door with a hole in for about a year, their pedigrees were damn confused once they actually got around to putting a flap in Grin

MNP · 20/05/2012 11:44

2 cats no flap, they laze around whilst DH is at work and go out for the afternoon and early evening but home and inside before supper.

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