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your recommendations please for a hamster ball the hamster cant open..

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thrifty · 25/02/2012 23:15

That's it really, Sniffles keeps escaping from his ball despite its twist and click doors. He seems to have it well sussed now, and if he wants to, can get the door open in a couple of minutes. So is there something better out there, ours is a 4 piece ball from pets at home, I think it may be furplast?

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thrifty · 26/02/2012 16:13


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SparkySparrow · 27/02/2012 16:49

Why don't you try blocking off part of the room and letting him run around freely.
I use some spare laminate floorboards that we had and made a type of pen. We put a few toys in there and he has a great time trying to escape Hmm , which he can't because I'm too clever Grin

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