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I swore I'd never have a rabbit again, advice needed please?

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GrimblesMother · 29/01/2012 22:56

I had several beautiful lop-ears over a few years who all died horrible deaths as a result of tooth trouble. I fed them correctly but it made no difference, vet said it was a result of decades of inbreeding and that rabbits (particularly lop-eared) simply don't live as long as they did years ago. I've had guinea pigs ever since and swore I'd never have rabbits again.

Now I'm under a lot of pressure from DCs and DP to get a couple of rabbits. If I give in, if, what breed shall I get? Some sort of rough old mixture I spose.

What have you had success with? I really cannot bear to watch another rabbit go through tooth trouble.

OP posts:
piellabakewell · 30/01/2012 22:37

My pair of rescue bunnies (neutered brother and sister) are nine years old in a few weeks and have never had tooth troubles or anything else apart from the male having just developed a 'hygiene' problem. I don't think you need to consider a breed, as such, just rabbits who need a home. All of our pets come from rescue centres or at least the adoption centre at Pets At Home.

bunnyspoiler · 01/02/2012 21:00

Go to a really good rescue, I can't emphasise this enough. Rabbit Rehome website will have the details of one in your area. A good rescue examines the full health of the rabbits, inc teeth, genitals etc and can give you a healthy pair, neutered, vaccinated and with up to date advice. They will also support you with advice and support for the duration of the rabbit's life if needed.

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