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Little bit sad today - Had to have my rabbit PTS

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LovingChristmas · 13/01/2012 22:21

I rushed her to the vets as she was struggling to breathe and when I picked her up she'd obviously lost weight (she hated to be handled so it was the first time she'd sat still to gauge it).
Anyway she had a massive growth in her stomach that was pushing on other organs, the top vet at the practice said the kindest thing would be to let her go, so I did, and I'm so gutted!
I'd had her over four years and I got her from a rescue as no one would take her, so I know she was at least six but it still doesn't make it any easier.
I'm also worried about the bunny she has been with forever who looks really sad now Sad

OP posts:
MrsB24 · 13/01/2012 22:22

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Beauregard · 13/01/2012 22:24

Sorry about your rabbit,it is so sad when you lose a pet.

GypsyMoth · 13/01/2012 22:25

We had one pts this year, the dreaded myxi. I sympathise op.

But you gave her a good life. Does your other one like being handled? We are left with one, and he is always close to the guinea pig run for company.

LovingChristmas · 13/01/2012 22:26

Thanks MrsB - I guess you always start wondering if you could have spotted something sooner and changed the outcome.

OP posts:
LovingChristmas · 13/01/2012 22:28

Not really Olympia, but he does come and say hello and is interested in being nosy, I will make sure he has lots to do.

OP posts:
bibbitybobbityhat · 13/01/2012 22:28

That is very sad. Every sympathy to you and thoughts to your other bunny Sad.

KRITIQ · 15/01/2012 00:49

So sorry to hear of your loss and hugs for the other bun.

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