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My little rattie has just passed away :(

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Rollersara · 30/11/2011 19:15

Dropped him off at the vets this morning for an operation to remove a lump. Vet called at 4 to say not to pick him up yet as he was still too dozy. Missed a call driving to pick him up, when I got there the vet said he had woken up a bit then got sleepy again and just passed away :(

He was only 16 months old, he was part of an accidental litter so we've had him since he was born. He lived with his two brothers, they are out now and they seem to be looking for him :( :( :(

OP posts:
Wolfiefan · 30/11/2011 19:17

Poor you. I have never forgotten the little hooded I had that passed away as I cuddled him. Maybe there was more wrong than met the eye. You couldn't do more than you did. His brothers are lucky to have you.

Rollersara · 30/11/2011 19:26

It never seems to get any easier, I still miss every rat I've ever had :(

OP posts:
KRITIQ · 02/12/2011 22:10

So sorry to hear that. They are such darlings. Take care.

notjustme · 02/12/2011 23:40

Sorry to hear that Rollersara :(

Carrotsandcelery · 02/12/2011 23:43

Oh Roller that is sad Sad

SolidGoldVampireBat · 02/12/2011 23:44

Condolences. Erm, hope you don't find this intrusive or OTT but here.

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