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Squeeeeeeeaaakkk- my (DDs) 2 guinea-pigs came to stay today

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LordOfTheFlies · 22/10/2011 18:50

We've collected our two boys from a rabbit rescue ( well deals mainly with rabbits but has the occasional GP)
One is black ,one is , IIRC, agouti (black and brown evenly flecked).They are about a year old.
The black one is slightly smaller and so far quiet. His big brother is a noisy little creature!
They've been exploring their outside pighouse,in all the boxes and scoffing hay.
They've come in for a cuddle now.They want to watch Merlin later.
And they eat and pooh for Britain.[hgrin]

OP posts:
SquigglePigs · 23/10/2011 11:39

Awwww! Hope they settle in quickly! And yes - they are eating and pooing machines!! [hgrin]

ClaimedByMe · 23/10/2011 11:43

Awwww how have they settled? I loves my piggies, my 2 youngest are 2 today!

LordOfTheFlies · 27/10/2011 22:58

Settling really well.We're getting into a nice routine ( especially handy that it's half term this week)

DCs take it in turns to do the breakfast feed, and we say "morning" and check them.
In the evening after dinner they have 30-60 minutes cuddle. When the bigger one starts eating the towel (we wrap one round them to make it easier for DC to handle) then we know it's time for bed.

I thought I'd get away with cleaning the cage 3x a week, but they are mucky little pups so I scoop out the dirty bedding at the back of the box and the toilet box every night .And top up their bedding hay,they flatten it)

DH and I both got peed on tonight. Had to happen Grin

OP posts:
SquigglePigs · 28/10/2011 17:36

We got peed on a lot in the first few months. Now they start to fidget and squeek a little when they need to go, and we chuck them back in the cage. Very few accidents now!

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