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Dds hamster is dying.....

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lazarusb · 02/09/2011 20:14

Dd is starting secondary school in 4 days. Hamster has stopped eating and drinking Sad She is a bag of bones and the fur on her belly seems to have disappeared. Her eyes are sunken and her ears are flat. We are gutted. We have had her for 16 months, she is full of personality. Dd is very upset and checking her regularly but we think it's just a matter of time... It would be bad enough at any time but now is just so much for Dd to cope with.

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lazarusb · 03/09/2011 12:07

Bah....she was eating a little this morning but DH doesn't think she will last to the end of the week. She doesn't appear to be in pain but it's horrible to see. Dd is trying to come to terms with it but I think it will hit her hard (and me - I've never been so attached to a pet before).

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HappyMummyOfOne · 04/09/2011 17:23

Have you seen the vet? It may have a secondary infection (they are prone to tumours and it sounds like that) and need antibiotics. The vet will be able to tell you if its in pain and if waiting is the right thing to do.

lazarusb · 04/09/2011 18:07

No we haven't. She is skin and bone and incontinent now. I think her organs are breaking down. Will speak to the vet tomorrow.
Thank you for replying by the way, I started this I wanted to talk about it, I feel very strong emotions for this little animal and I haven't experienced that before.

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HappyMummyOfOne · 04/09/2011 18:44

Have sent you a PM.

GloriaVanderbilt · 04/09/2011 18:48

I think a vet would probably put her to might be kinder. I am sorry. hamsters can be very, very intelligent and almost 'human'. We've had a few good'uns Smile

I feel for you.

lazarusb · 04/09/2011 19:22

Thank you both. I have PMed you back Mummy!

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lazarusb · 06/09/2011 22:51

Just in case you are still said it would be over soon and we should decide what to do, sadly, we found her this evening Sad Not a great reminder for Dds first day at Secondary. We've had lots of tears and are now planning a burial. Thank you for your support. Miserable day.

Have to tell Ds in the morning too.

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