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please dont laugh TMI bunny hygiene

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tomhardyismydh · 20/05/2011 13:31

my Rabbit coming up to a year, she is a house rabbit due to few foxy near misses.

I believe she is female??? advised of this when I got her.

Anyway the problem is she stinks, The rabbit her self not her bedding etc. She has an unusual pissy/vinegary smell form her back end. I sponged her down today between the legs with warm water only but that didn't help and Im worried about hurting her, she has got the biggest labia I have ever seen, unless infact shes a boy and it was her balls?

How do I clean her safely and gently Johnsons baby shampo? or just warm water.

Does she or he need to be steralised is it hormonal? behaviour wise she is fine but dose get a bit grunty and horny around my legs but nothing a little pet and cuddle then sending her to bed wont fix.


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FernieB · 20/05/2011 21:57

Take her/him to the vet and find out for sure which it is. Then get it neutered. That will stop the horny behaviour and is also better for their long-term health. Rabbit urine can be quite strong smelling and an unneutered bunny (esp. male) may want to mark his territory by weeing everywhere.

Definitely off to the vet.

tomhardyismydh · 21/05/2011 00:07

yes I think so.

OP posts:
MotherPanda · 21/05/2011 17:09

Don't use johnsons baby shampoo - it could be toxic to bunnies! You can buy rabbit shampoo if you want to give a wash.

It's certainly not normal for rabbits to actually smell themselves, their urine certainly stinks but its normally the bedding or the walls that have been sprayed where you can smell it - so i would also so get off to a vet.

DoesItWearingWellies · 02/06/2011 02:54

Your girl is almost certainly a boy if it has 'labia'! Female rabbits have a very tiny genital area with a lot of fur around it, whereas males have very evident, usually hairless, testicles. Google 'sexing rabbits' for example pictures.

Be sure to check he/she's not got flystrike, which could also be the cause of the smell.

I'd take it to the vet just to make sure everything is okay. Try to find a reputable exotics vet in your area who 'knows' rabbits as they can be tricky little buggers, especially if you decide to go down the neutering route.

lurcherlover · 05/06/2011 20:19

Baby shampoo is fine to use on bunnies - sadly it has been extensively tested on them Sad and proven to be safe.

I think your bunny is a boy...he will be much nicer to be around once neutered Smile

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