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new mini boden catalogue?

21 replies

alexsmum · 18/08/2005 00:24

just got this and is it just me or are the boys clothes just horrible? so drab and dull and colourless?
acyuallu sent them an e-mail saying i won't be buying anything as colours so awful. wondered what others thought?

OP posts:
strawberryland · 18/08/2005 00:26

yes they're minging

alexsmum · 18/08/2005 00:30

don't get why boys should have to dress in grey and khaki and brown etc.they're children ffs! where's the yellow and red and bright blues?

OP posts:
lockets · 18/08/2005 00:32

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

alexsmum · 18/08/2005 00:35

thats what i said in my letter; the girls stuff is lovely and colourful and pretty - why does the boys stuff have to be so awful?

OP posts:
jenk1 · 18/08/2005 09:26

only thing that DS likes are the jumpers with the food on them he wants the pizza one!

lockets · 18/08/2005 09:27

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tortoiseshell · 18/08/2005 09:28

Actually I have to stick up for it - they have literally saved my life! Ds has a beloved pair of Mothercare red/brown cords which are age 2-3 (he is 4 and a bit) and have holes in and was distraught when we had to put them away. BUT we have found a new pair in the mini boden catalogue and he is SO happy. I really like their trousers - especially the baggies - love the tartan.

Milge · 18/08/2005 09:36

I agree tortoiseshell, i love their trousers for boys, but their tops are grim( and very short in the body). Trouser fit is very generous. Girls stuff is fab as always - just got a parcel this am, but limit myself to £50 per catalogue until sale time.

Milge · 18/08/2005 09:36

I agree tortoiseshell, i love their trousers for boys, but their tops are grim( and very short in the body). Trouser fit is very generous. Girls stuff is fab as always - just got a parcel this am, but limit myself to £50 per catalogue until sale time.

lockets · 18/08/2005 09:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

elliott · 18/08/2005 09:42

Actually I rather liked it this time around. Even thought about buying some of it But then my ds1 does look rather lovely in chocolate brown (he has copper coloured hair). And there was no gun motif in sight!

moondog · 18/08/2005 09:47

I've bought all our gear from Boden for ages,(hate shopping)but a bit bored with it all now.
What's an equivalently good mail order firm d'you reckon?

EnidfromtheVILLAGE · 18/08/2005 09:50

I like the odd thing

but ordered £150 worth of stuff in the sale and ended up sending all but 2 items back

the girls stuff has started to make me barf slightly

I am committed to Hennes and Zara now.

gingernut · 18/08/2005 09:54

yuk yuk yuk to most of the boys stuff this year. (actually this applies to the men's stuff too...dh was most unimpressed).

Off to H&M again.

alexsmum · 18/08/2005 10:42

just had an e-mail back from boden saying that the darker colours are the best sellers for boys wear and bright colours always end up in the clearance sale. they also said that if they receive more comments they might do something about it. basically- i'm the only one who feels this way. if anyone agrees with me-please e-mail them!

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 18/08/2005 10:52

i thought that there was some lovely stuff in the autumn/winter catalogue. i particularly like the puffa kackets and the wild animal tops,oh and the applique tops with motorbikes and camper vans on.

i like the sweatshirts that come in red, navy or pale blue and the trousers are lovely. will be placing a huge order whne i come back from holiday and they have some lovely skirts for me.

just think there clothes are much better than next, gap as don't have big logos all over them and they are cheaper than designer clothes.

I do admit however that this colelction isn't as nice as previous collections. but still better than other ranges out there.

frogs · 18/08/2005 10:55

Will email. Have emailed before, and got bland "Well, that's what the punters want" response, but I'll have another go.

Actually I don't like the girls' stuff either -- it's in the same bloody palette of pink, lilac and pale blue. Go through the catalogue and you'll see what I mean. They've added in a few splashes of olive green, but essentially most things come in some variant of those three colours. Each of which my dd1 hates, and I'm pretty sick of it too. What about red? Orange? Yellow? Brown? Bottle green? Stripes, god forbid. Something that does't have cute little girly designs on it? That you might vaguely be able to pass on to a child of the opposite sex?

It's all pants. Off to Oxfam, Primark and H&M as usual.

vickiyumyum · 18/08/2005 11:00

seeing your comment about the gun logos on the boden clothes made me think of the summer collection and ds2 was gutted to find that he couldn't have that t-shirt as it had been withdrawn because people complained about it. however the red indian one brandishing an axe was ok!

Not for guns but even though i have never brough either of my ds a gun they still play cops and robbers or cowboys and indians with guns made from kitchen roll tubes or sticks. Must add this is inbetween playing more friendly games a swell, before everyone thinks that i am raising 2 potential mass murderers!

sorrel · 18/08/2005 11:28

the only thing i like is the vwcamper van tshirt and the navy coat. the rest is yuk. Vertbaudet stuff is much nicer-lots of turquoise teal and acid green. here

alexsmum · 18/08/2005 12:33

i find that john lewis do nice children's clothes.lots of red and navy and white and other colours.with boden the style of the clothes isn't so bad(although hate this fashion for skater style stuff), but the colours are so grim.

OP posts:
laughinglil · 19/08/2005 20:55

john lewis is lovely for boys clothes I got ds some lovely dungarees in blues,beige and red. Some of the stuff in mothercare is lovely for the winter. Think they have had a bit of a turn around lately . I used to hate it. Sorry to say I am not to keen on Boden.

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