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School uniform - for me!!!

3 replies

Lmccrean · 17/08/2005 21:42

Going to a school disco thingy at a club tomorrow - what shoes should I wear? I figure the rest of the outfit should be easy enough. Dont want anything that I cant wear again, but not sure I wanna go down the fuck-me boots route... (tho im sure if i did, i would be joining the majority of girls there)

OP posts:
babyonboard · 18/08/2005 11:33

Buty some cute high heeled dolly shoes- they look great in winter with think tights and skirts
or just plain old court shoes..

Flossam · 18/08/2005 11:35

Go for the boots. Everyone else will IME, and then you'll just be looking at them wishing you'd done the same

Charlee · 18/08/2005 11:35

i wear my calf high black boots witha ehem school kind of outfit!

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