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Next Maternity Jeans..........

12 replies

swiperfox · 15/08/2005 14:34

I don't understand them!!

I've just had a pair delivered from the catalogue. I thought that with maternity clothes you are meant to choose your normal size... so i got a 14 and they are huge!!!! The legs are sooooo wide!! Anyone else found this?

OP posts:
Nbg · 15/08/2005 14:36


I never bought next maternity stuff in the end. I bought a pair from them and they still didn't fit me at 40 weeks!

swiperfox · 15/08/2005 14:40

Thank God! I thought i had suddenly drastically changed shape!!!!

Did you try a smaller size nbg?

OP posts:
Nbg · 15/08/2005 14:43

I did but they were more out of proportion that my normal size!

I found Mothercares clothes to be better with sizes tbh.

swiperfox · 15/08/2005 14:44

Thats where i got my last ones, they were brill but i threw them away last month thinking i'd never need them again!!!

OP posts:
Thomcat · 15/08/2005 14:45

i just ordered maternity jeans from La redoute, Verbaudet and joJoBebe mama.
they haven't arroived yet.
Gutted i leant my old Hennes maternity jeans out and they never came back and I can't remeber who had them.

Nbg · 15/08/2005 14:47

Yeah, try H&M. I never bought maternity things from there but everytime I go in I have a sneaky look and there are some gorgeous things in atm!

swiperfox · 15/08/2005 14:49

thats a good idea, will have to have a look in there. Gutted about next though, i thought theirs would be good ones!

OP posts:
Thomcat · 15/08/2005 14:56

oi, talking of gorgeous check out this site

Holymoly321 · 15/08/2005 15:30

What a pain in the bum it is searching for decent maternity jeans! Do designers think that the minute we become pregnant we want to wear denim in stonewash? Why does nearly every pair of maternity jeans come in such nasty types of denim? Also, as a dedicated hipster jeans wearer pre-pregnancy, I thought I'd only wear hipster type pregnancy jeans - however - now I'm seven months in, how uncomfortable are they!! Good grief, give me over the bump style jeans anyday! But they are really really hard to find. I've just managed to find a pair on ebay - £6!! bargain, and I can breathe again - yippee! What we women need is a decent range of maternity jeans, in a decent style of denim in a decent range of fits for a decent price. Anyone out there wanting to make some money, there's your market!

saadia · 15/08/2005 15:34

When I was last pg (ds2 is now a year and a half) some branches of Dorothy Perkins had pretty nice maternity gear, but I don't know if they still stock it.

Nbg · 15/08/2005 15:40

Topshop have some lovely stuff in too.

fimbelle · 15/08/2005 17:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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