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Gypsy Skirt Fire Hazard Warning!

4 replies

QueenOfQuotes · 14/08/2005 00:51


OP posts:
TwinSetAndPearls · 14/08/2005 01:06

Could she not have fanned the flames with her disc belt!

misdee · 14/08/2005 09:02

well durr, its material, its floaty. dont go near flames with it. comman sense really.

mind you last time long skirts were 'cool' that i remember i was at school, and they told us not to wear them as they were a tripping hazard.

QueenOfQuotes · 14/08/2005 09:28

Yes but certain clothes DO ignite quicker than others and to walk past a gas fire and for it to ignite seems pretty dangerous to me - especially as this time of year (well when it's not raining LOL) and people are having barbecues.

OP posts:
flamesparrow · 14/08/2005 09:55

They are thin cotton most of the time... of course they burn quick.

Its a bit like saying don't get in a bath or they will get soggy and heavy!

We were told about the tripping hazard at school too!

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