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What can I buy my ultra best mate for her

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Thomcat · 13/08/2005 23:36

She's ultra, ultra stylish, a goddess, sexy, so cool, so stylish. She works in fashion, always travelling, mixes designer with high st, has flat that is small but very gorg, even her taps are massively expensive and lovely. she is also very spiritual and does healing and la stone therapy and reflexology etc.

What can I buy her, online preferably, for about 20 - 30 quid, ish?

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puff · 13/08/2005 23:40

Something from Jo Malone?

Thomcat · 13/08/2005 23:42

Fab idea, and very very her, only thing is she has loads of jo malkone. Still, worth a browse, I could do with some JM treats myself, I'm bound to spend more than I should. Off to check if I can buy online. I love it there.

OP posts:
puff · 13/08/2005 23:43

.....or Space NK apothecary - they sell online now. Can't get the links to work tonight , but do a search and you should find them.

Thomcat · 13/08/2005 23:52

oh puff what have you started, I need the wild fig shower gell and fragrance, think I have to get it now, for me, oh this wasn';t supposed to happen, okay, will come out of JM and try space NK, but NOT for myself.

OP posts:
Tinker · 14/08/2005 00:44

Jewellery? There's hand-made stuff advertised on here (

TwinSetAndPearls · 14/08/2005 00:46

really nice scented candles.

I was in Tk Maxx the other day counting my pennies to see if I had enough to buy some scented candles and thought I would love someone to buy these as a gift for me!

diva4mgl · 14/08/2005 20:35

check at they have some fab things.
im very into monsoon at the moment. bought my summer wardrobe from them. i mean couple tops and skirt for going out and things like that

Thomcat · 14/08/2005 20:39

Hmmm, trouble with monsoon is she is currently working for East and revamping their stores for them so she has lots of monsoon style stuff. I am so into monsoon myself, i love it there.

When I spoke to her today she was unpacking her dinner collection she just had shipped over from Paris. She got a bargin of her cream juj - only 60quid as opposed to 120!

Think I'll just take her for lunch, we haven't seen each other for too long so some quality time and some nice food will go down well i'm sure.

OP posts:
Satine · 14/08/2005 20:40

Diptyque scented candle - I think they're the best there are and they're very fashionista. There's a shop in Ladbroke Grove who'll do mail order and they cost about £25 - £30.

motherinferior · 14/08/2005 20:42

Buy her a massage? Just did that for DP's birthday - half an hour would cost£25, masseuse is mobile, highly recommended by mates, can send you details?

crumpet · 14/08/2005 20:47

What about food stuff? No idea how much caviar costs - hate the stuff - but something swanky along those lines maybe?

motherinferior · 14/08/2005 20:48

You won't get away with 20-30 quid for lunch, though, I bet, not once you've had a nice glass of champers.

Thomcat · 14/08/2005 23:04

Can't do the massage, she is a massuese (sp), and does reflexology and is trained in la stone and has her own stones and her mate who she worked for for a while owns La Stone so she has all the therapies she needs, plus she's a healer so she treats herself iykwim, through meditation etc. She also just bought her crystals so she can do crystal healing! See what I mean!!!!!!

She wouldn't eat caviar, nice idea, but she's into food combining, and she basically just wouldn't eat fish eggs. I could get her soem post oils / dressings etc maybe?

I know lunch could work out more costly but it also means some quality us time which you can't put a price on.

Hmmm, will check out those candles though they sound lovely.

OP posts:
clary · 14/08/2005 23:34

tc your mate sounds amazing but so are you as we all know.
I'm sure then that a couple of hours of lunch time with you wd be a great prezzie.

Thomcat · 15/08/2005 11:18

Ahh bless you Clary. yeah she is a very special person. When I was going through a bit of an ick time at the beginning of this preganancy she is the one who turned up on the doorstep and just totally sorted my head out. She said something that just made me go 'oh yeah, you're so right', and i felt so much camler, stronger, better about everything. As well as everything else she does this kind of life coaching, basically she can tune into a person and give them guidance. She did it for loads of my mums mates one night, she's amazing.

OP posts:
MascaraOHara · 15/08/2005 11:20

I love Origins 'Body Souffle' I think it's citrus.. Lovely smell.. and makes your body feel like velvet. but probably not enough for an ultra best mate!!!!!

Thomcat · 15/08/2005 11:28

ohhh Origins is lovely. I love their stuff. I'm compiling a list for me for Xmas here!

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