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Maternity clothes online???

8 replies

Thomcat · 13/08/2005 22:28

I've just ordered some maternity jeans, can't find my ones from last time anywhere. Any ideas where I can go online to get a few key, inexpensive, trendy clothes for the next 20 weeks +.

OP posts:
Socci · 13/08/2005 22:34

Message withdrawn

RnB · 13/08/2005 22:34

Message withdrawn

phatcat · 13/08/2005 22:39

I've had some good trousers from - they've currently got a summer sale on too

edodgy · 13/08/2005 22:41

Dorothy perkins?

Ericblack · 13/08/2005 22:54

I think your individual shape might determine what you get. E.g. Dorothy Perkins stuff seemed OK on me in the shop but didn't stay up while I went about my business. H&M have cooler stuff. And pray that dungarees come back into fashion. They really are the only trully comfortable trouser option.

Thomcat · 13/08/2005 23:03

Ohh that's good about Top Shop, will check that out.
OMG - I just discovered Isabella Oliver, how lovley...... hmmm, can i justify 42 quid on a bandeai top, it is D's birthday soon

OP posts:
Thomcat · 13/08/2005 23:26

Well you didn't say I couldn't so I just spent 145 pounds on the Isabella Oliver site, plus the jeans I just ordered. Eek, best stop now, although maybe top shop do their maternity online?!

OP posts:
milward · 13/08/2005 23:52

Blooming mavellous is on-line. I got some good summer clothes also from their sale. All was delivered quick & well wrapped. Isabella Oliver is great as well. Have the long skirt - fab. Came wrapped lovely in orange tissue. I also bought from the Formes www page. Wish h&m were on-line as the maternity range isn't stocked at my nearest shop. Happy shopping.

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