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Curly hair

8 replies

nutcracker · 11/08/2005 16:59

I want to be able to have my hair curly sometimes but am crap with curling tongs.

I'd like it like this

How can i do it without curling tongs ??

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 11/08/2005 17:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker · 11/08/2005 17:13

Rollers right, ta, will look on Argos site.

Are the bendy ones that look like sticks and good or is it better to have the others ??

OP posts:
sallystrawberry · 11/08/2005 17:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nutcracker · 11/08/2005 17:19

Hmm right ok. My hair is mid length and dead straight, not that thick either, so really a curling nightmare.

OP posts:
Smurfgirl · 11/08/2005 17:30

Hair straightners. I can't desribe how to do it very well, but ask your hairdresser.

nutcracker · 11/08/2005 17:31

I don't have one Smurfgirl

OP posts:
vickiyumyum · 16/08/2005 18:08

my hairdresser showed me how to curl your hair with straightners yesterday!

you dry your hair and then get a small section of hair wind it loosley round your finger, remove your finger, hold the 'roll' in place and put it in your straightners, clamp shut and hold for a few seconds. this is good for loose curls aka sienna, drew barrymore etc the boho look.

for more corkscrewy curls you start at the top as if straightening your hair but instead of gliding down twist hair around the barrel whilst moving the straighteners down teh length of your hair (this one only works with narrow straighteners)

babyonboard · 18/08/2005 11:39

If you take random sections of damp hair at different thicknesses and roll loosely around your finger, then clip to your head and then blow dry you will get this effect when you take them out.
Use a little mousse to make sure the curl 'holds'
It looks very loose and 'deconstructed' unlike the uniform curls you get with tongs- which i imagine is what you are looking for.

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