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Maternity Clothes..........this is gettiung me down!

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TigerLilly2005 · 05/08/2005 13:52

Ok slight problem, i am now 16 weeks pregnant and i really can not fit into my jeans and trousers even if i really try.

I have brought a few skirts for summer etc that fit me and look good, but on the trouser front i am just having no luck at all. And as the weather is not great and i will be heavily pregnant in the winter i need to get searching for some jeans trousers that will fit and look nice.

I don't like the trousers that have the belly bit where they go over your bump, but i have just oredered jeans from next, they fit on the legs, bum but feel tight under my belly when i sit down! The next size up is just massive and hangs on me all round!

Please help me where can i get some jeans, trousers for winter without having to just wear jogging bottoms as this is the only thing that feels comfortable round my belly????

OP posts:
Prufrock · 05/08/2005 14:09

Don't know whther they will have them in yet, but I survived my pregnancies with 3 pairs of M&S heavy jersey bootcut trousers. They have very elasticated waists, so if you buy a size up from normal they should last you, and they come in lots of different colours

TigerLilly2005 · 05/08/2005 14:13

Thanks prufrock i will look out for them, my biggest thing is being uncomfortable in my clothes i am like this when not pg so i am feeling even worse at the moment.

OP posts:
Kelly1978 · 05/08/2005 14:45

What about dungarees? I found anything on my middle unbearable durign pg, and lived in dungarees through every one of them.

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