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Isabella Oliver sizing

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Klara · 05/08/2005 11:53

I have just got the catalogue, and hooray - it all looks alot nicer than what was available the last time round. I had a colleague who has the wrap dress and i want one, but she has left now and I am unsure on the sizing. I read in a recent thread here I think about someone who said their sizing was huge.....

Does anyone else have any experience with how their stuff comes up. I am a 12/14, usually a 12 on the top half, and unsure whether to go for the 12 or 14 given my rapidly expanding bust!

(What I would have given for that problem 10 years ago when i had nae tits!)


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novadandypowder · 05/08/2005 16:49

oooo Isabella Oliver stuff is lovely, and yes it does come up quite generously so go for the size 12.

novadandypowder · 05/08/2005 19:06

one more point - i got the wrap bandeau top and although it looks great on, it comes with two very long pieces that wrap around your middle, it takes a bit of practice to be able to get it on. I think their other wrap tops come like this too, it may be something to bear in mind if you need to get dressed in a hurry..

Klara · 08/08/2005 15:06

thanks for that. Am only 7 weeks, so won't be ordering anything for a while, will probably wait till after my scan and see everything is ok before I go ahead and order, but have already chosen the wrap dress in red and one in black as well as the long wrap top and the nighdress and bed jacket too which is much nicer than a grotty t shirt in hospital!


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