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The Hipster Look?

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Kezabelle · 03/08/2005 20:00

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like their clothes are falling down when they are on their hips. I am slightly more high-waisted than the average person so this might emphasise it but I just feel like my clothes aren't sitting right if I wear them on my hips

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kama · 03/08/2005 20:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

sweetkitty · 03/08/2005 20:06

Not a problem when you have big hips like me!


Hattie05 · 03/08/2005 20:07

I can't stand hipsters - even when i was skinny pre-children always found them super uncomfortable.

It bugs me how hard it is to find non-hipster trousers now. The amount of times i've taken lovely looking trousers into the changing rooms, only to discover they are hipsters

I resorted to good old M&S recently for some work trousers!


NomDePlume · 03/08/2005 20:09

I like hipster clothing, I feel a bit strangled by higher waisted stuff. Although I'm NOT a taut, svelte, slip of a gal so wouldn't be seen dead in a pair without a a top that was long enough to cover any potential 'spills'


docket · 03/08/2005 20:10

i used to love hipsters but since having ds find they are less flattering than they used to be! apparently high waisted trousers are coming back (along with culottes!)


Kezabelle · 03/08/2005 20:11

NDP, that is exactly what my friend said too when I asked her! Maybe I just need to persevere and get used to it xx

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