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What's a great maternity style?

15 replies

MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:19

I have purchased a few maternity bits now, namely v-necked tops because I don't like my tops being too short over my bump (It's just me!)
Anyone think of any style must have's for pregnancy?
I can already feel the same old, same old thing coming on with my choices of clothes.
Any terrific ideas out there?

I tend to drift towards smart casual.

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northerner · 03/08/2005 14:20

I love wide leg trousers and floaty kaftan style tops.


beansprout · 03/08/2005 14:20

I had a pair of black linen trousers, fairly smart and went well with everything. They are something I wear the rest of the time anyway but were great for work but also damn comfortable.


sweetheart · 03/08/2005 14:21

I'd go with plain and simple clothes jazzed up by bright scafs, jewellery and other accessories. That way you can use the accessories after the birth too.


dizzymama · 03/08/2005 14:22

I did the whole casual dress over black trousers thing which kept me feeling smart but also comfy! Unfortunately don't feel I can get away with it now I've had Dd!!!


MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:24

I bought some black linen trousers yesterday beansprout. Reduced in the Mothercare sale, I'm chuffed to bits

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PrettyCandles · 03/08/2005 14:27

I hate the way so many maternity clothes are designed to minimize the bump, or to look like the sort of clothes you would wear flat-stomached. Personally I liked to make much of my bump, so my favourite styles were (and would be now, were I pg) practical comfy trousers with floaty tops that tied under the bust to emphasise my bump.

Wide-legged or flared trousers are good, too, I think, because they add a bit of lightness to your movement, and if you need to wear comfy shoes but look smart, well then they hide the shoes!


maretta · 03/08/2005 14:27

I agree with Sweetheart.

Also if you like long tops, have you tried wearing a dress over trousers or jeans. It's fashionable and is quite bump flattering.

If it's comfortable it means you can get away with non maternity jeans for longer by looping a hair elastic through the button hole.


MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:33

I like the dress over trousers idea.
Do you have any suggestions.
I think as someone always wary of looking overweight anyway, I have always tended to try and appear less so. I do love your philosophy of celebrating your bump pretty candles. It will require some mental adjustment for me though. So I shall need a little help.
Your right, I should be proud of my bump, everyone said how well I looked last time.

OP posts:

PrettyCandles · 03/08/2005 14:38

Sorry, I didn't mean to preach, or tell you how you should feel, just how I feel. I was a size 18 when I got pg, and resented the fact that it was difficult to get anything other than a sack to wear. Plus, for once I could flaunt my belly!


Hausfrau · 03/08/2005 14:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle · 03/08/2005 14:40

do you have a hennes?


MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:43

No bundle. Besides, I am avoiding the shops - I'm supposed to be working, so I'm doing it online.

No, I didn't take it as preaching PC

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BigBumpBonnie · 03/08/2005 14:45

ooh I'm 31 weeks pg and just got a fab outfit from They've got a half price sale on at the moment and some of their clothes are really nice. Def worth a look


MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:49

Excellent Thank you!

OP posts:

MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 14:54

I'm having problems with that site, it won't stay open

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