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Jojo maman bebe maternity clothes

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MrsDoolittle · 02/08/2005 10:03

Their catalogue has jsut arrived on my door this morning. I am going to have to buy some maternity wear as I'm starting to feel the pressure in my normal clothes.
Are their any tips to buying their clothes? Are they good quality? Do I just buy my normal size?

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MrsDoolittle · 02/08/2005 10:25


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oliveoil · 02/08/2005 10:27

Do you have a H&M store nearby? They have the best stuff imo. Topshop is supposed to be good as well but they brought their range out too late for my last pregnancy .

No idea on Jojo stuff.



MrsDoolittle · 02/08/2005 10:30

I was trying to avoid going into town.

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maretta · 02/08/2005 10:52

I'd say buy your normal size but if it's a toss up between two sizes go for the smaller.
Some companies offer free delivery on the first order in which case I order all sizes and then send the rest back.
I've got some of their jeans and they are good quality.


MrsDoolittle · 02/08/2005 10:54

Thanks maretta. Theyare offering free post and packaging with the first order.
I'm always nervous buying trousers over the internet.

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homemama · 02/08/2005 16:46

I found their trousers (drawstring under bump things) very long and I'm 5ft5 so not too short.
IMO, mothercare and blooming marvellous had fab trousers.


motherinferior · 02/08/2005 16:48

Don't get the under the bump jeans. They look a good idea but fall off. Literally. Especially if you are pushing a buggy and therefore have no hands free to keep hauling them up.


Tommy · 02/08/2005 17:22

Next is probably best for trousers as IIRC they do different lengths and you can get them online. They're also a bit cheaper than JoJo I think. Having said that, I had a few things from JoJO and was always very pleased with the quality and style and the service. I had a dress from there which I wore all the time when I was pg with DS (long hot summer of '03) and the dressing gown I bought with DS1 (winter baby!) was really lovely


carriemumsnet · 02/08/2005 17:25

Just checking that you knew that they were one of mumsnet's discount partners and as a mumsnet member you can get 10% off their stuff.

See the member discounts page for more info (under member discounts - left hand side of home page)


MrsDoolittle · 03/08/2005 12:50

MI - that happened to me last time. I've decided I'm not going to buy jeans atall this time, just too uncomfortable.
I bought a pair of black linen trousers in Mothercare yesterday for £15 reduced from £25, I think. They are lovely but I'm not quite big enough yet.

Oh and thank you carrie - I didn't know that!

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loulabelle222 · 03/08/2005 21:11

never had to wear maternity clothes but some of their baby stuff is lovely and really good quality!


JiminyCricket · 03/08/2005 21:38

I got some combat type trousers from there and also some loose black ones, they looked great in the catalogue but were actually sort of a jersey/tracksuit type fabric - I didn't think the combats were very nice in this (expected them to be more cottony?) and they wore out pretty quickly (didn't even save them for my next pregnancy) although I guess the material made them more comfy. Think I also got a bra from them but the sizes were a bit rubbish - not specific enough. Sure most of their jeans and stuff are pretty good tho.


gingernut · 03/08/2005 22:07

I had some JoJo things and they were mostly good quality and comfortable. One pair of trousers shrank a bit though (after I'd shortened them ). I also liked Blooming Marvellous and Next stuff. I'd always go for a size larger if in doubt though, particularly with Blooming Marvellous. H&M stuff is very long BTW, my very tall (nearly 6 foot) friend bought lots of stuff there whereas I just had to laugh when I tried it on (I'm 5 foot). I could have worn most of their tops as dresses.

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